“What is happening is absolutely perilous” – Arundhati Roy

A statement issued by Arundhati Roy on the latest round of arrests and raids on  leading Human Rights activists, lawyers and writers

The simultaneous state-wide arrests are a dangerous sign of a government that fears it is losing its mandate and is falling into a panic.

That lawyers, poets, writers, Dalit rights activists and intellectuals are being arrested on ludicrous charges while those who make up lynch mobs and threaten and murder people in broad daylight roam free, tells us very clearly where India is headed.

Murderers are being honoured and protected.

Anybody who speaks up for justice or against Hindu majoritarianism is being made into a criminal.

What is happening is absolutely perilous.

In the run-up to elections, this is an attempted coup against the Indian Constitution and all the freedoms that we cherish.


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Arundhati Roy Written by:

Arundhati Roy is a novelist born in Shillong. Her latest novel The Ministry of Utmost Happiness is out in paperback.

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