When Khyndailad/Police Bazaar Burnt Down



[su_quote]My name is Shanborlang Kharbudon, but most of the people know me by my FB name Sdenzil Budon. I am 26 years old self-taught Artist from Shillong. Since I have not attended any art school, I do not know if this might help or not, but from my perspective, art school probably helps a person learn and gain knowledge about art right from the basics. I truly encourage and believe that anyone who has the opportunity to attend art schools should consider going, i.e., if you really want to. As for those with financial circumstances, there is minimal opportunity to afford art education like me. Since I am just a Fishmonger, I do not have all day for my artwork but when getting spare time, I spend time working on my personal projects, freelancing in drawings and paintings and keep practicing.

I have a very strong interest in Mythology , Folk stories, Music and Biblical art. But, I have a stronger bond and love towards Death Metal Album cover art, which particularly worked by Toshohiro Egawa, Chriss Moyem,Dan Seagrave, Timbul Cahyono (Bvllmetalart), and some underground artists from Indonesia. The Artist I look up to and admire is Toshihiro Egawa (Japanese). His works are truly amazing, as well as inspiring. His artworks urges me to download some of his artworks I liked most for inspiration, which had me done a cover painting from one of his beautiful artwork of the band “Decaying Puridity” in acrylic medium, though the original was a Digital version, it was a tribute to him or a Fanart I must say, since his works inspired me to expand my own artistic experimentation.

With regard to Digital art, I have never been aware of this field of art before, and have never imagine digital pen exists. Until I met some friends doing animation and knew it from them. The images here consist of photo-manipulated images, which I downloaded from the internet. It’s kind of a frame work and shape them into my own imagination. Instead of someone saying that I just simply copy this painting, I decided to add my own elements, which is quite difficult to sync in with the original piece, however having added my own elements, I further refined it by compositing the pleasant appearance of the cliched “Police Bazaar Picture” into something dark and scary like destruction theme, likewise for the “Living Root Bridge” which was manipulated with its colors , binding all objects together, giving the right quantity of light and shadow, then I gave the image a painting style and balance the color to unify the composition.[/su_quote]




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Sdenzil Budon Written by:

Sdenzil Budon is a fishmonger from Shillong and Shillong's leading Metal Artist

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