Which party in Meghalaya will win the Nepotism award?

Dear readers if you find more family members which we have missed do tell us.
Dr Mukul Sangma, incumbent Chief Minister of the Congress Party fighting from Ampati and Songsak is the Husband of Mrs. Dikkanchi D Shira of Congress who is contesting from Mahendraganj. Zenith Sangma from the Congress Party is the Brother of Dr. Mukul Sangma and is contesting from Rangsakona. Zenith’s wife Sadhiarani M Sangma makes her debut from Gambegre
Late Mr P.A. Sangma had trained his family well in inheriting his political capital. His party National People’s Party (part of BJP led NDA) is now headed by his younger son Mr. Conrad Sangma who also represents Tura in the parliament. Conrad’s elder brother James K Sangma will be fighting to retain his seat from Dadenggre on an NPP ticket, while their sister Ms. Agatha Sangma (NPP) will find out about her political fortune from South Tura. Interestingly Conrad Sangma’s brother in law, Sanjay Sangma (NPP) will challenge Mrs. Dikkanchi D Shira in Mahendraganj.
Family traditions of the NPP will be kept alive in Jaintia Hills and Ri Bhoi by the Dhar brothers. Sniawbhalang Dhar, erstwhile Minister in the Congress Govt. and deserter to the National People’s Party contests from Nartiang while his elder brother Ngaitlang Dhar of NPP will try to retain Umroi. Brother in Law of the Dhar brothers, Wailad Shylla again from National Peoples’ Party is in the fray from Jowai. Ngaitlang Dhar’s 25 year old son Dasakhiat Lamare will contest Mawhati from NPP.
Is that all uncle, aunty, brother, sister etc. for NPP. NO. Mr Rowell Lyngdoh, Deputy Chief Minister in the last congress govt enters NPP with his Son in Law. Mr. Rowell Lyngdoh will be trying to represent Mawkyrwat once again but from NPP while his Son in Law, longstanding unsuccessful contestant, Mr Sounder Strong Cajee from NPP will be challenging BJP’s fresh conquest, Mr Sanbor Shullai of Nepotism and dinner set fame.
Mr. Donkupar Massar will try to grace Ranikor on behalf of the NPP while his wife Mrs. Grace Mary Kharpuri will try Pynursla on behalf of People’s Democratic Front (PDF), a newly set up regional party of MDCs and MLAs exiling themselves from other parties aptly described in Khasi as Phetwir(Runaways) Democratic Front. PDF seems to have harvested the son of one of the richest Khasi businessman, Bah Mo, Mr Lamboklang Mylliem (PDF), who represented Jirang in riBhoi from a party of his own making North East Social Democratic party – he also brings with himself his nephew and the son of ex-Chief Secretary, Gavin Miguel Pariat Mylliem, who will contest from Sohra.
Sadly other regional parties like UDP and HSPDP have only one set of family connection. Mr. Pynshai Manik Syiem (HSPDP) contesting from Mawphlang against Mr. S K Sun of the dysfunctional Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme and father of India’s leading footballer Euginson Lyngdoh. Mr. Syiem’s daughter Mrs. Teilinia Thangkhiew (HSPDP) will try her hand from Mylliem
NPP – 10
Congress – 4
PDF – 3
NPP wins ALL IN THE FAMILY POLITICAL BUSINESS AWARD and dynastic politics talent show for Meghalaya! Clap clap clap… NPP can now be known as Nepotistic People’s Party


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