Why are the workers of Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited protesting all around the state

On the third day of their ongoing peaceful agitation around 1200 longstanding regular casual workers of Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd had lunch time protest in various parts of Meghalaya, including Shillong, Umiam, Kyrdem Kulai, Jowai, Khlierihat, Tura, Phulbari, Ampati, Baghmara, Garobadha, Mendipathar, Nongstoin, Mairang & Mawkyrwat. They held placards with slogans outlining their various grievances.

They are protesting against the illegal contract being foisted by the management. Workers have refused to sign the contract, because the contract blatantly ignores many labour laws regarding working conditions, wages and benefits. Contract illegally does not have provisions regarding PF, ESI Health Benefit, Bonus, Gratuity, Earned Leave, Overtime etc. These are mandatory in all employment contracts. Moreover, MeECL has unilaterally tried to redesignate the posts of the longstanding casual workers to unskilled assistant level, like, meter reader would become metering assistant, cleaner would be cleaning assistant etc while the nature of the their job continues like before. This is a clearcut attempt to subvert the recent Supreme Court judgment mandating that Equal Pay for Equal Work, irrespective of worker’s status being permanent or casual/ad-hoc.

Organised under the banner of MeECL Progressive Workers Union, workers have written many petitions to the management bringing to their notice their various grievances. Yet, the management continues to flout legal norms forcing the workers on agitational path.

Images from of Protest

Lumjingshai, Shillong
Lumjingshai, Shillong
Lumjingshai, Shillong
Umiam, Ri Bhoi
Tura, West Garo Hills
Tura West Garo Hills
Garobadha, Garo Hills (Western Zone)
William Nagar
William Nagar East Garo Hills

Mendipathar, North Garo Hills


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