Youth in Acche Din

It has been 2 years since the BJP came into power with its various promises about making India the land of opportunities and other such things. Whether he has changed India in any way since he came into power or not, we still have to question if his Governance is really for the people on an individual level.

What I’m writing here is not based on data and statistics but is based on what I see and experience every day.

Just a few days ago, I came across an incident where a group of police officers were ordered to forcibly and without notice remove some street vendors from Laitumkhrah in Shillong. These vendors were not creating any nuisance other than selling their fruits and vegetables to earn their daily wage and to feed their family. It was a very painful moment for me as I watch one of these vendors crying while at the same time trying to reason with these police officers that she has a family to feed.

The only consolation that the police officers could offer her was to tell her that she can come back when this Celebrity from Delhi better known as Modi goes back to where he came from. Apparently, these poor people will be an eyesore to this great man with a great vision for the people of India.

(Not to mention I was being confronted by these police officers for trying to take a picture of this incident but that’s not really the point)

Whether these orders were given by our State Congress Government or was in any way part of the great Swachh Bharat movement is really beyond me and either way, it still pisses me off.

What really bothered me is that these kind of incidents may eventually start happening on a national scale too. Looking at various things like how the Government neglects proper and implementation of Worker’s Rights, made me realised that this great Government only cares about the happiness and pockets of big corporate CEOs. Because of this, I can positively say that our society is in grave danger unless we do something about it.

We’ve seen Modi visiting various countries and meeting various companies urging them to come and setup their industries in India offering the youth of India as highly trained workers for their companies. Yes, that would create jobs but that is not ‘development’. Having a Chevrolet, Rolls Royce, big malls, etc  near your house is definitely not development. At the end of the day, it is the tiny percentage of the population  who own these big companies that makes the real money, while the workers are earning peanuts in comparison.

Development is about providing connectivity, Healthcare, Sanitation, City Planning, a good well paid job and other such things and not having McDonalds with his big ass smile in your neighbourhood.

There are rumours that the working environment in China is so bad that they have to put up ‘Suicide Nets’ for these industrial buildings to prevent workers from suicide as a way to run away and the worst part is these workers are immediately sent back to the production rooms without any kind of medical aid of any kind. Whether these are exaggerated rumours or not, anything similar are still somethings I don’t want to see that happening here.

I’m not here with any kind of perfect solution for the Government but I’m simply speaking out my worries regarding the youth ending up being slaves to the corporate leaders who only cares about how big their own pockets are.


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Bandame Lyndem Written by:

Bandame Lyndem is currently studying at the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute - SRFTI, Kolkata. He is also the video producer and editor of Cryptographik Records which is an independent label based in Shillong interested in raising the profile of Independent Music in the State of Meghalaya.

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