Author: Mudasir Wani & Asaf Ali Lone

Mudasir Wani is a doctoral student at JNU, New Delhi. Asaf Ali Lone belongs to Valley of Kashmir. Currently interested in Urban issues, marginality and resistance(s).

October 19, 2016 /

Why does a certain kind of activism or activists get more visibility? What is it an ‘activity’ that makes an ‘activist visible’ or a visible ‘audience’ that makes an activist? And what of activism does a ‘visible audience’ endorse? Often the commodification and marketing create a hierarchy of activism? Activism has a peculiarity that it inserts the particular interventions in a way which implicitly amplify and silence the varied dimensions of the complexities of a conflict like Kashmir issue. This article in no way demeans the work done by them but presents before a reader the nuances and complexities surrounding the politics of visibility.