Appeal for Peace in Manipur

We, the undersigned academicians, research scholars and students in various institutions, express our deep concern at the recent news of violence that has been unleashed in Manipur. There are multiple reports of breaking of communal peace as well as utter failure of law and order in as many as eight districts of Manipur. This humanitarian crisis unfolding in Manipur is a matter of great concern for all of us. The reason of this violence is clearly the politics of divide and hatred that has been spreading all over India in recent times. This politics of hate can only be defeated with a greater solidarity for peace and humanism.

By the time of the drafting of the letter, article 355 has been already invoked in Manipur. As signatories of the letter, the following are our appeal to the government as well as the people.

We appeal to the Union government of India to take humane measures to stop the violence as well as ensure peace amongst various communities.

We appeal to the administration to secure the lives and properties of all citizens.

We appeal for communities to desist from targeting one another.

We request that there be a moratorium on contentious acts.

We request our community elders, church leader and members of civil society to initiate the process of dialogue in Manipur.

List of Signatories 

Name of the signatory Affiliated Institution Designation 

Lamneithem Haokip
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati PhD candidate 
Lhingnunthieng HaokipSt. Edmunds College, ShillongStudent
Chongpi V HaokipNorth Eastern Hill UniversityResearch Scholar
Satlunhao Haokip St Edmund’s College Student
NormodaJawaharlal Nehru University, DelhiPhD Research Scholar
Lamnunmoi SingsitNorth Eastern Hill UniversityStudent
Tinmonkim Haokip NEHUStudent
rormi Chamroy st Anthony’s higher secondary school Student
S. Seigoulien HaokipSOAS, University of LondonPhD candidate
Tarun Bhartiya
Prajwal Shelar 
Raiot Collective
Imagemaker / Activist
PhD scholar
Chongdeinem GuiteNorth Eastern Hill University PG Student
Vismay BasuNIPFPResearch Fellow
Lian HangluahNEHU, ShillongResearch Scholar
Thangkhanmang GuiteSt. Edmund’s College Student 
Wandi Warjri St Anthony’s Shillong 
SeiboiNEHU Student
Madhurima KunduJNUPhD Scholar
Manash Pratim Nath Jawaharlal Nehru University Research Scholar 
Emanuel St Anthonys Manipur 
Pringchi A SangmaPine Mount SchoolStudent
EkjotSaarthi International Student
Ranvijay SinghJNUStudent
VinayJNUTapti Hostel JNU
Twinkle Nengneikim SingsonJawaharlal Nehru UniversityPhD
Sylvia HaokipSt. Anthonys Hr. Sec. School, ShillongAppeared XII examination
Elvyn kameiArny public school shillong Student 
Nangiaikyrsoi LapasamSt Anthony’s college Student
MinzSt Anthony’s college Shillong
T Shalome Khongsai Tata institute of social science Student
David MateNEHUStudent
AngelSt AnthonysStudent 
DipleenaJawaharlal Nehru University Research scholar
Boinu Hoineineng St Anthony’s College Shillong student 
ChongNorth eastern hill University Student 
Siddhangana Loreto convent school Student
Fenela Pine mount Student 
Neizalam HaokipST. Anthonys College, Shillong.Student 
Paoneilen singson St Edmunds college Shillong Student 
ImnaienlaSt. Anthony’sStudent
Kevin Sonthensei HaokipNHAState Coordinator
Cindy KhongsaiISCStudent 
Aphi kharkongor KhasiManipur 
Manashi Bhattacharya Jawaharlal Nehru University Ph.D scholar 
Jaya Singh Adhiya Independent Researcher
Vijay Kr Pal JNUResearch Scholar 
Annie Nehzaidei Haokip Pine Mount School Class : 12(passing year)
Anindita DasSikkim University Research Scholar 
PemaPine Mount School Student 
HatjalhaiJawaharlal Nehru University Student
Leah NengboiSt Mary’s College, Shillong Student 
Esther HoineikimNorth Eastern Hill UniversityMsc
ZuuPine mount Student
Darisha PalaPine Mount SchoolStudent 
K. VanlalhruaitluangaNorth Eastern Hill UniversityResearch Scholar
Amme SangmaLoreto Convent Student 
Thingminao HoramJNUResearch Scholar
Beauty Thounaojam Jawaharlal Nehru University PhD Scholar 
Delilah At Anthony’s college Shillong 
Thangsiandong GuiteIndian Institute of Science Education and Research(IISER), MohaliPhD Scholar
Sanjay SrivastavaSOAS University of LondonDistinguished Research Professor in Urban Anthropology
Lidzusa AngelineSt. Anthony’s College Student
Susmita BaruahIIT Madras Business Analyst 
Basundhara Chakraborty Loreto Convent Student
Thanglienngam GangteNEHUStudent
NehaJNU Student 
Abhinav KumarJNU Doctoral Student
Mridugunjan DekaGauhati UniversityPhD student
Nianbiakching Tata Institute of Social SciencesTrainer
brigittest. anthony’s student
Mrinal Borah Delhi School of Economics PhD Scholar 
NilamNorth-Eastern Hill University Research scholar 
Easter LeyaSt.Anthony’s Higher Secondary SchoolStudent
Lenny SiangbudNERISTStudent
P.J. BhardwajGMCH PassoutGeneral Physician
Joshua D. T. HaokipSt. Anthony’s collegeKuki
Atula Imsong CollegeStudent
Anei HaokipAiims Nursing officer 
Ravi kant Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and fine arts university Architect 
Inbha Nengneithem North Eastern Hill University Student 
Neeraj Pradhan SIKKIM UNIVERSITY Students 
Rashmi Dutta DeySelf EmployedConsultant 
Nengpichong MisaoNehuStudent
Bliss SingtoNorth Eastern Hill University PhD Scholar
DesionNorth Eastern Hill UniversityResearch Scholar
Dawki Doma Bhutia Sikkim University Student 
Ponaki Das North Eastern Hill University Research scholar
Abhinob DasTezpur UniversityPhd student
Shubham Patel Sikkim University Student 
Pranav JNUStudent 
Worthing Yanglem NEHU Research Scholar 
YoorikaSt anthonysStudent
Erikast. mary’s college shillongcabin attendent
Vani shutar School Teacher 
Uttam Department of Sociology, University of DelhiResearch Student 
Ngainu Khongsai St Stephen’s College Student 
Longjaijai Kharkamni North Eastern Hill University, Shillong Research Scholar 
Lalramnghaki UNICEF Consultant 
Bikram Gurung Sikkim university Phd
Chong ZouSt Anthony Student 
T HaokipUniversity of DelhiStudent 
Lawanrisa PyrtuhNehuStudent
Bestin BennyKristu Jayanti CollegeStudent
Paominhao Jojo HangsingNEHUStudent
Atchira Ch. MominAssam Royal Global University Student
Kyle SutingNorth-Eastern Hill University Research scholar 
Pretty Rika Laskor Pine Mount SchoolStudent 
Joseph LalsiemlienJawaharlal Nehru UniversityMSc Physics
Pratikshya niroulaSikkim University Student 
Sangita DuttaJNUResearch scholar
Iarjingmut T Dkhar St Anthony’s college Shillong BA 6th Semester 
Himadri Priya Dowarah Sikkim University Student 
Naznin Zaman JNU Student
AliceThe Assam Royal Global University Student
Haralin SyiemNorth Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya Lawyer Meghalaya High Court

Johnfirstar Sad
Meghalaya Common citizen that want peace
Shasiniya SagolshemJawaharlal Nehru UniversityStudent
Job chawangJnu DelhiResearcher 
Bishes Samsher Sikkim University Student
Salosa Archadius A Sangma Royal Global University Student
ZouzamHigher secondary schoolStudent
WandaPine mount school 12th 
Lian DhamiAiimsSNO
Nisha K Thapa St Anthony’s college Student
Nonosa B N Sangma Assam Royal Global University Student 
Md Fasihul HassanJnuBA
Joyprakash Maibam NEHU Shillong Research Scholar 
Raguel Suchiang Amity University Kolkata Student 
Mhalulu NienuThe Assam Royal Global University Student
Aastha Royal Global university Student 
Nandini SarmaRoyal Global UniversityStudent
RuthSt Edmunds Police Reserve 
Shilpi Sikha Das JNU Research Scholar 
Md Zohurul IslamNorth eastern hill University shillongPhD research scholar
Mayank Singh Bisht Graphic Era HillsStudent 
Phakhokim khongsaiNEHUFor peace in Manipur
H. Sara KhongsaiNADocumentary Filmmaker
Archana Kumari NEHUResearch Scholar 
TsukhumlaNorth Eastern Hill University Research Scholar
Jenlu GolmeiSikkim University Student
Nemboi HaokipCIAE Bhopal PhD Scholar
Esther  LamngaithemManipur Student 
IliaNEHUPhD student
Bikson Chingakham Sikkim University 
AshaSikkim UniversityStudent
Mac Rudolf KhyllepNorth Eastern Hill UniversityResearch Scholar 
Dependra sharma Sikkim University Student
Samaina Boro Assam  royal global University Guwahati 
Daud Sadiq ShahnavajJNUStudent
Heena KhanRoyal Global University Student 
Krishnadwaipayan Nath JNUPhd candidate 
Kmennaphi Kharjana Pine mount Student
ElizabethAiims DelhiNursing Officer
Nenem zouPersonal Laymen 
R. Isaac HmarCalvary Theological InstituteLecturer
Muanching Tonsing ISCStudent
Rebecca Marwein North- Eastern Hill University, Shillong Research scholar 
Chalam Lowang LamaAffiliated Borduria catholic women PresidentAsst. Teacher
Prabal Sarmah Royal Global University Student
Annie Boichong North Eastern Hill University Student
Soibam Haripriya South Asia Institute, University of Texas in Austin Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow
Arghadeep Green hubFilm maker
Ava AlokyaSikkim University Student 
Lalmuansangi ChhangtePower & Electricity Department,Govt of MizoramSub-Divisional Officer
Vishnu Menon Ashoka University Student 
Lamar Ashoka University Student 
John L. BaiteO/o Director of Accounts (Postal) Senior Accountant
Zuretta Waanbah St Anthony’s college student
Lini AyeRoyal Global university Studeny
Snehashish MitraNias Bangalore Phd Candidate 
Nempinei PipiNEHUStudent
N. Roslyn KhongsaiMedusindEmployee 
Datngenlut Suchiang Jawaharlal Nehru University Research Scholar 
Manisha KumariIndependent researcherProject Lead- Assam
Philayo MK North-Eastern Hill University Research Scholar 
RamashrayJNUResearch scholar
Elizabeth Dee Assam Asst. teacher 
Vivikali awomi St Anthony’s college Shillong Student 
Hnahring hralhuDelhi university Staff
Approtima Runa SaikiaSt. Anthony’s CollegeStudent 
Nima lhatonSt. Anthonys collegeStudents
Mushukhang Basumatary156(C) Jhanjipara LPSAssistant Teacher
Yogesh Nautiyal Jawaharlal Nehru University Master of arts 
HGangteSt. Edmunds CollegeStudent 
ananyadoley college students 
ZazaSt. Edmund’s CollegeStudent
Niborna Hazarika Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi PhD Research Scholar 
Chorten lhamuSt. Edmund’s College Student 
Derrick ShabongAroha Music school Music Teacher 
Aniketh Roy 
Lokesh Rai University of North Bengal Research scholar 
Gayotree PhukonTata Institute of Social sciences PhD research scholar 
Jessica RymbaiNorth-Eastern Hill UniversityResearch scholar
Md Shamsh Raza Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi Student 
Tarushree Jawaharlal Nehru University Student
Nadeem rajsAl jamia mewwat campus 12th
Swati SulagnaJawaharlal Nehru University Student
Aayesha Fatima Jawahar Lal Nehru University Student
Elandina Kharsyntiew Jawaharlal Nehru University Student
Naira AhmedArmy Public SchoolStudent
Avik DasJawaharlal Nehru UniversityStudent
Dr. Sixto VualzongJNUPhD
Dalip singh Jawaharlal Nehru University Student
Mousam KumariJawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi Student
MonaTezpur university PhD 
AsjadIndian instituteAsjad
Aisu PanyangSt anthonys collegeStudent
Shivam TiwariJawaharlal Nehru University Student
Mildaris Marwein NEHU Shillong CampusResearch Scholar 
Mimi VashumKristu Jayanti College of LawStudent 
LarisaAnthony’s college  
Dorjee Drema St.anthonys college Shillong Student
Tokashe khalaSt Anthony’s college shillongStudent
Nafisabeth SyiemliehSt. Edmund’s collegeLecturer 
SeethuUpesUndergraduate student 
Zeppuh GangmeiNEHU ShillongScholar
D.SyiemSCC Prof
Teresa Sacred Heart Mawlai Shillong Teacher 
Barsa DebbarmaSt.Anthonys collegeWant  peace for the state #prayersformanipur
Birangchi Sangma Pine Mount School Student 
Sunil Bishnoi Jawaharlal Nehru University Student
Dorea FaventeSt Anthony’s Higher Secondary SchoolStudent
Avik SarkarJawaharlal Nehru University, New DelhiResearch Scholar
Pijush Bera Jawaharlal Nehru University M.Sc
Usha LakraIndividualSocial Worker
RAVI RANJAN Jawaharlal Nehru University Student 
[email protected]St. Anthony’s College, ShillongStudent
Gerna PanyangScholarsstudent
Khupthansang Tonsing ZomiStudent 
Wungmaling makangAssam don Bosco university Student
Susan Philip Ashoka University MS
Celina Mongchingthem Haokip NEHUStudent
Srikanth Palakayala University of Hyderabad Student
Nandini IIMC, New DelhiStudent
Md Mustaque Central University of Himachal Pradesh Student 
Ramniwas Gurjar Jawaharlal Nehru University Research Scholar 
Chayanica DeviNot affiliated with any InstitutionPost graduate
Baruisalu St Joseph’s University Student 
Lalhriatzuali BungsutAshoka UniversityStudent
Manabjyoti BiswasSt. Ann’s College, KokrajharAssistant professor
Angenora S MominRoyal Global School Student 
Noella WarjriPine Mount School Graduate
Gabriella Shudziiphro St Joseph’s University Student 
Lovejoy Bariam Berean Baptist Bible College and seminary Student 
Ishika JNUStudent 
Dikshita Phukan St Edmunds College Shillong Student 
Catherine sasaJyoti Nivas college NA
Sanjana BankaAshoka UniversityStudent
Sachin Singh Sikkim University Scholar 
Aman GwjwnAshoka UniversityStudent
Aiyana  IangraiPMS Shillong Student 
Jangkhomang HaokipNEHUSCHOLAR
Kaguichunglu EmporiumHostess
Meihuanlung Rongmei St. Joseph University Student 
Yari NayamJawaharlal Nehru University PhD Scholar
Parishmita Kakati JNUResearch Scholar 
Mewan WarjriSt Edmunds School Shillonggraduate
Prathna Bsf senior secondary school Student 
Parthajit Baruah Tata Institute of Social SciencesPost graduate
RuthDr B.R ambedkar universityMaster student
Tsering SonamSt Joseph’s university Student 
Sumpee BorahJawaharlal Nehru UniversityResearch scholar
Sampurna BordoloiShiv Nadar UniversityResearch Scholar
Chhatra Subba JNUStudent
Navneet Singh Delhi School of Economics PhD Scholar 
Yash SharmaUPES DehradunGraduate Student
Ranku Ranal HazarikaUPES, DehradunStudent
Enrison H.L LaskorUPESStudent 
NARi KetanRoyal global university, AssamStudent
Aditya Roy J N UfStudent 
ShangambaSt. Joseph’s College BangaloreStudent
Shaniwa RaiSikkim University Student 
Vishal mehndiratta Ashoka university Alumni
SalemAshoka UniversityUndergraduate Student
Emelia P Feegrade LynrahSt Anthonys CollegeAssistant Professor
SosoSt Mary’s College Shillong Student 
Leeyoungmit LepchaSikkim university student 
Rodrick WijunamaiCornell UniversityGraduate Student
Nonou KhongsaiUniversity of DelhiDy Manager SBI
Maisnam Arnapal University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Scholar 
Tonmoyee Rani NeogJagannath Barooah College( autonomous), JorhatAssistant Professor
Madhurima NundyCentre for Social and Economic ProgressFellow
Leki Thungon McGill University PhD candidate 
Ritupon Boruah Sikkim University Student 
Eliza IromNAAVP
Debasish Chaudhuri Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar Faculty
Rama BaruJawaharlal Nehru UniversityProfessor
Rahul Singh ShakyaJawaharlal Nehru University Student 
Madhurima NundyCentre for Social and Economic Progress Fellow
Billie Thoidingjam GuarinoNANA
Lalawmpuii PachuauCivil Hospital AizawlSpecialist Doctor 
Angom Momocha Manipur University Student 
RK Debbarma Tata Institute of Social Sciences Assistant Professor 
Limasenla JamirTata Institute is Social Sciences GuwahatiAssistant Professor 
Dr. Senganglu ThaimeiUniversity of DelhiAssociate Professor 
Usman JawedIndependentResearch consultant
Lawmnakim BYJU’S Manager 
Chandni Mehta Jawaharlal Nehru University Student 
Molaching Power Department Data Operator
Puja PrasadTiss mumbaiAlumini
SreematiInstitute of Chinese StudiesChairperson
Pamjakhombi Nongmaithem Tezpur University Assam Research scholar 
Sourya MajumderCentre for Study of Law & Governance, Jawaharlal Nehru University PhD candidate 
Nirmali GoswamiTezpur UniversityAssistant Prfessor
Arvind Kumar Mishra Jawaharlal Nehru University Assistant Professor 
Md Ziaur Rahman Jamia Millia Islamia Student
Atreyee Saikiatezpur University research scholar 
Tasso RimungResearcherConservation Biologist
Qudsia RahmanAshoka University Student
JustinXIME kochiStudent 
Apoorva Not affiliated NA
A. S. ShimreiwungTezpur UniversityAsst. Prof. 
HmingthansangaNorth-Eastern Hill UniversityResearch Scholar
Pamidi Tezpur University Assistant professor 
Runu Jyoti DeviAssam University Research Scholar 
Hanna Yumnam Assam university Silchar Assam Research scholar 
Sanjay BarboraTata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati CampusFaculty
PeachAnthony’s CollegeStudent
Rajesh AzadLok shikshak manchMember
N Bidyutjyoti SinghaSikkim UniversityStudent
Gurumayum Chourajit Sharma Tezpur University PhD student 
AnuragDelhi UniversityPhD Scholar
Rahul NandiSikkim UniversityStudent
Monica Konjengbam Jyoti nivas college autonomous Student 
Ningthoujam Victor Singh Christ UniversityStudent 
Pratham K SharmaSportskeedaAnalyst
Khonibala OinamChrist University Post graduate student 
Somanorani Ningthoujam Tezpur University MSc student 
BalkiJyoti Nivas Student 
Priyanka Rajkumari Tezpur University Student
RoshniKristu Jayanti College, autonomous Student
Sana ArshiJNCStudent 
Vijyasri RajkumariUniversity of DelhiStudent
TeniTezpur university Mtech
Milky LangamRoyal Global university Student 
Sophia Ningthoujam Pune University Student
Shelina ThongbamBHUStudent
Alish Yumnam Panjab University Student 
Salam Denilson SinghLovely Professional UniversityFinancial Analytics 
Femina MaibamPggcg11Student
Athena ThiyamUniversity of DelhiStudent
Seema chanuCentral agricultural University M tech
Borish Yumnam BMS College of engineering Student
Brinda Loitongbam N/AStudent 
Neli Mao CMS Student 

Puya Laishram 
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural UniversityStudent 

Laishram Chanu Sushama 
Panjab university Student
Sanjana sanabamCollege of food technology, CAU, ImphalStudent
Adhikarimayum Berlindro Sharma Indian Institute of Technology, DelhiStudent 
Shaiyonee PaonamPanjab university Student
RigzenBanglore universiryStudent
Megha kumariKristu Jayanti collegeStudent
AnnieLovely professional university Student
Yensenbam Meesana National Forensic Sciences University Student
Pricilla ThangjamGirl Up ManipurStudent
AdityaTezpur University Student 
Nirva khundrakpam Tezpur university Student 
Aribam Yeeshika Sharma D.A.V College, Sector-10, Chandigarh MA-I Student 
Khangembam Avinash Singh Central Agricultural University Student 
Micheal AtomBITS PilaniUG
Ringkisana chanam Miranda house Student
Sylvia KhangembamUniversity of Delhi Peace in Manipur 
Chitrarekha 3Dolphin pg institute of biomedical and natural sciences Student 
Ketarina Guru govind singh indraprashtha university  Student 
Jhansi University of Delhi Student 
Loitongbam Hirabati Devi NERIST Btech in Electrical engineering 
Salam Alvina DeviPGCG.11 CHANDIGARH Student
Asha avinash yagy Ramjas college Delhi University Student 
Anjali Nuamhoikim Lisaa school of design Student 
Maharabam JeshinaLloyd Law College Law student
D Veineichong Haokip University of Perpetual Help System Dalta Medicine Year Level-2
LuJmc Student 
Albina Takhelmayum Lovely professional University Student
Takhellambam Ellen Panjab University Student 
Nikita SorokhaibamSouth Kazakhstan medical academy Student 
Lairenjam AnuJagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Science and Hospital Peace
Mayanglambam Debenita Devi Central University of Karnataka Student 
Chabungbam Thomson singhCentral agricultural universityStudent
Parthajit Darabdhara Delhi University Masters 
Sabdashwa ChakrabortyUniversity of DelhiStudent
Premlata Soibam Assam Agricultural University Student 
Bonishkumar Kshetrimayum MAQ Software Software Engineer 1
Lunicha KonsamUUStudent
Sanarik ThangjamSharda University Student
Nikhil waikhomTMSS medical college Student
SharbinaLakshmibai collegePG student
Priyadarshini WahengbamSGT UNIVERSITY Bring back peace and harmony in Manipur 
Irengbam  SachinRoyal global university Student 
Bhavana Jesus and Mary College Student 
Sylvia Moirangthem Lovely Professional University, PunjabStudent 
Bipin Nongmaithem NEIAH Shillong Student 
Nenita KhuraijamTmss medical college student 
Jenifer yangambamUniversity of perptual helpStudent
Denish MoirangthemChandigarh University Student
ViniRajasthan university UG student 
Gurumayum Shivjeet Sharma LPUMBA
Lakpa KhumanlambamJain Deemed-To-Be-UniversityUnder Graduate student
Krishtina Potsangbam Assam Don Bosco University Student
Suzanne MathewMg University Student
Kachuisem WSGirl up Manipur Member 
Boon Mourin Sebastine Non working Non working 
Beda Prakash DuttaJNUPhD Scholar
Beni Sumer YanthanNagaland UniversityAssistant Professor
Avinash K JhaSri Ram College of Commerce, DelhiAssociate Professor
Esther NgaihteSri Ram College of Commerce, DelhiAssociate Professor
Robin NgangomMeiteiPoet
AJC BoseSri Ram College of Commerce, DelhiProfessor
Dr Nitin NavinSatyavati CollegeAssistant Professor
Renu BansalSri Ram College of Commerce, DelhiAssociate Professor
Rajiv JhaSri Ram College of Commerce, DelhiAssociate Professor
Anuradha Gulati DasguptaSri Ram College of Commerce, DelhiAssistant Professor


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