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October 13, 2021 /

Traffic had snarled up a little before Rainawari and, as I turned my head up I sighted the flag. A 100-ft high Tricolour that had been hoisted just the day before atop Hari Parbat, the hill that dominates many parts of the Srinagar skyline.

October 12, 2021 /

After learning that the broker Jokhim had arranged a “signal clear” for the transport of six bulls across the India-Bangladesh border, the cattle transporter Alibaba had no time to speak to anyone. Indian border commanders who had accepted Jokhim’s bribes had verbally granted a signal, which Jokhim relayed to Alibaba by rushing to his house. A signal clear comprises a precious two-to-three-hour window of opportunity during which Indian cattle workers such as Alibaba can cross the border to Bangladesh with their animals.“Signal clear,” Alibaba said to me, tying his cotton gamosa (towel) around his head as protection against the heat and the rain.

September 26, 2021 /

Lada ngi pyrkhat ba ka Baibl kam don jingїadei bad kiei kiei kiba jia ha ka jingim hangne ha pyrthei, kata te ngi la lait sharud. Lada ngi pyrkhat ba ka Baibl ka dei ka Kot Bakhuid kaba thoh tang na ka bynta ka jingim ba kynja mynsiem bad tang na ka bynta ka jingim sha Bneng bad kam don jingїasnoh bad ka jingim hangne ha pyrthei, kata ruh ka la bakla.

September 19, 2021 /

Lah ban shem ia kitei ki kyntien ha ka Jingrwai Salm 33:12. Ka kyntien Suk sngew kumba ka jem ban sngewthuh, hynrei kam long kumta. Katba ka kyntien Jaitbynriew ha kane ka dkhot ka thew ia ka Jaitbynriew Jiw ne Israel. Ngi pule ruh shaphang ka Jaitbynriew Jiw ne Israel ha kiwei pat ki kitab jong ka Baibl.

September 5, 2021 /

Lada ki samla ki pule ia ka kaiphot, kaba dang shu mih shen, jong ka Niti Ayog halor ki thong jong ki kam pynroi lane kita ki “Sustainable Development Goals” kiba dei ban pynurlong ha ki Jylla ka thaiῆ shatei lam mihngi, kin shem ba ka lawei ka long kaba duh jingkyrmen. Ka Niti Ayog ka dei ka tnat jong ka Sorkar India kaba la tip mynshuwa kum ka Planning Comission. Ka dei ka tnat pyrkhat kam kaba ha khlieh duh bad ka kamram jong ka ka long ban thaw bad saiῆdur ia ki kam pynroi ha ka Ri. Ki dkhot jong ka ki kynthup ia ki stad ki jhad bad ki proh jabieng, naduh ki stad saian, ki stad kot “economist”, ki riewstad ka їoh ka kot, ka khaїi-pateng bad kumta ter ter.

August 29, 2021 /

Kine ki kyntien na ka Baibl (Mathaїos 5:17-20) la ju pyndonkam ia ki ban pynksan ne pynїeng ia ka thymmei ne ka mynnor. Hoid ka mynnor ka dei ka thymmei, kumta ka mynta bad ka lawei kin ym lah ban їeng khlem ma ka. Tangba kam mut pat ba kiei kiei kiba la long ne leh ha ka mynnor ki dei ki aiῆ ne ki hukum kiba ym lah shuh ban pynkhih ne ban kynthoh ne wat ban pynkylla na ka bynta ka jingbha bad jingїaid shaphrang jong ka jingim briew. Ha kajuh ka por kam long ruh kaba dei ban kheiῆ dewthala ne kheiῆ synrum ia ka tynrai bad ki jinghikai kiba la їohpdiang pateng bad lada don ei ei da kumwei ka long ban pule, ban bishar bniah bad thew ia ki.

August 26, 2021 /

Gail Omvedt’s journey in politics and thought was undertaken in and through several historical conjunctures, but she retained aspects of all her stopovers: in her view, these various sites of sojourn, whether feminist, Marxist, Phule-Ambedkarism, were united in their vision of utopia: a world that ought to be rendered real, in times to come, but for which one needs to labour in the present. While reason and analysis were central to divining the nature of this world-to-be, it yet had to be desired, longed for, and in this passionate wanting, lay the potential for political comradeship. And this is where the struggle against caste and patriarchy came together: for it was in the remaking of caste and gendered selves that the promise of utopia stood to be redeemed.

August 22, 2021 /

Ym shym la don tang kawei ka jingїathuhkhana shaphang ka jingthaw ia ka pyrthei-mariang. Ha ka Baibl ruh ki don artylli ki jingїathuhkhana kiba їapher kawei na kawei pat (Jenesis 1 bad 2). Ki nongthoh komentari ki ong ba kine ki jingїathuhkhana ki dei kiba la lumthup na ki tyllong bapher bapher, kumta ki don ki jingїapher naduh ka rukom thoh ia ki jingїathuhkhana, ki kyntien ba la pyndonkam bad ki sker.

August 15, 2021 /

My father passed away almost 20 years ago but I remember him every day. I remember him as a loving and doting father, a jolly, generous, kind, often compulsive person, always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He would buy us gifts – clothes, toys and food whenever he felt like. I would always be so happy and glad just to be in his company.
He had many names and identities you might say. He was known by his Muslim name as Abrar Hussain, his nickname was Khuku and Johnky, his Christian name was Peter.

August 15, 2021 /

Uba i-don burom, uba don ka maiῆ ka muh, ka dei ka dur jong uwei u rangbah uba baroh ki ithuh khmat bad shait їohi barabor ha ki thaiῆ Mawkhar jong ka Nongbah Shillong ha ki snem 1932 haduh 1948. U dei u briew uba lieh ka sniehdoh bad uba pdeng ka rynїeng, uba jrong tmaiῆ bad u ju sngewtynnad ban phong pynsyiad da ki shinakut bad patlun jrong kiba syiad. Um ju pep ban deng tai, kup tupia bad rah ia u diengduh haba u їaid ha surok. Ki nongshong shnong jong ka shnong Mawkhar bad ki shnong ba marjan ki burom bha ia u bad u ju їarap ia ki briew da kaba sumar bad ai dawai ei. U dei u doctor uba sumar bad ai dawai homeopathy. U briew u bym ju bunktien bad haba u kren u da nang ban jied ia ki kyntien bad kren da thew.

August 15, 2021 /

“Balei ba ka hok bad jingshisha ki kylla kthang, ba ym lah ban shah ia ki jingїapher-jingїaprat jingmut, ia ki nia bad nongrim kiba їapher, ba ka hok ka don sha jngai? Ka hok bad ka jingshisha ki long kiba kthang ia kito kiba don ha ka bor bad burom, ka jingїapher- jingїaprat jingmut kam long kaba sngewtynnat ia katto katne ki riewheh riewhaiῆ kiba bat ia u lakam synshar bad ka jingbishar hok ka jngai bah na kiba duk, kiba tlotbor bad kiba shah їehnoh beiῆ. Ňiuma, ngi dei ban їai kren ia ka jingshisha, ngi dei ban pynneh ia ka jingїapher bad jingїaprat jingmut, ngi dei ban pynpoi ia ka hok bad ka bishar hok ha ki tyngkong їing jong kiba tlotbor bad kiba duk. Ngan ym sngap jar da lei lei ruh em.”

August 8, 2021 /

Ha ka Gospel U Mathaїos la їathuh ba ki sngi bad ki їa kin wan ha kaba ki briew, “…kin їashetkylla iwei ia iwei pat bad kin isih iwei ia iwei pat. Haduh katta kan long ka jingsaphriang jong ka jingsniew ba ka jingieit jong ki briew kiba bun kan man khriat” (Mathaios 24:10-12).

August 3, 2021 /

Almost all reviewers of Haseen Dillruba will concur that this is a heady tale of triangulated desire between three people — Rishabh Saxena aka Rishu (Vikrant Massey), the archetypal good-boy, loyal and dutiful husband; Rani Kashyap (Taapsee Pannu), the wife of Rishu, who is an avid consumer of erotic-crime thrillers and aspires to live a sexually adventurous and imaginative life that she regularly encounters in the pulp-fiction that she reads

July 25, 2021 /

Ki don bun ki jinghikai ba ngi lah ban їoh na ka Ryntieh bad ki Khnam. U Paulo Coelho u nongthoh kot ba donnam u ῆiew ia kita ki jinghikai ba ki dei ka lynti jong ka Ryntieh bad u Khnam ha ka kot jong u, The Archer. Ka Ryntieh bad ki Khnam ki dei ruh ka bynta jong ka kolshor bad dei-riti jong ka jaidbynriew Hynῆiewtrep. Ha ka Lynnong ba 14 jong ka kot, Pynїeng La ka Rasong, I Bah R.T Rymbai I pynpaw shynna ia ka dor bad ka bynta jong ka Ryntieh bad ki Khnam ha ka jingim jong ki khun Hynῆiewtrep.

July 18, 2021 /

Ki don ki jingpynksan nia ba kam don jingmut ban їakren shaphang ka jinglaitluid bad jingpynkup bor ia ki kynthei ha ka Jaidbynriew bad ka Jylla kaba shim jait na ka kmie. Ki pynksan jur halor ka nongrim ba ki kynthei ki dei ki nongїohpateng, ki nongkhmih bad nongpynїaid ia ka spah-ka nongtymmen jong ka kur bad ka їing. Dei halor kane ba ki kynnoh katba mon ia ki kynthei bad tang pher wiak ki tei pop ha ki kynthei. Naduh ka poikha-poiman haduh ka pait їing pait sem ki pynkit ha ki kynthei.

June 30, 2021 /

Growing up on the outskirts of Bombay, there were four types of rice that we ate at home: two for daily meals—from the Public Distribution System (PDS) ration shops and later, the local kirana (grocery) shop; Basmati Rice for special occasions or for pulav; and the red boiled rice from Goa. Most often, I did not know their name. We ate what we could afford… Sometimes, we stretched a little too much for the long-grained Basmati on birthdays and feast days. There were ten such days in a year.

June 28, 2021 /

Colonial sovereignty travelled into the frontier hills of the north east frontier through law. Frontier law or its absence and frontier space or its elusiveness tell us a different story about the history of Khasi, Jaintiah, and Garo hills of north east India. This story is one of unfinished borders, and malleability of landscapes. What does belonging and land based identity show us when we begin to uncover the processes through which modern boundaries were established during the colonial period? Is the history of law the history of boundary making? What lies underneath landscapes and in between divided spaces that we encounter today as normalized in law ? And very broadly what does place based identity mean in view of spatial processes of law? This historically based essay will explore these questions and invites readers to critically rethink identities and boundaries.

June 9, 2021 /

It all started off with a supposed published writer (hooray!) Going off on a rant about how anyone can sing and make money while writers suffer in silence and abject poverty because they are unappreciated. Fortunately for me, I have very little published to boast as a writer so I’m good with being a rambler. That needled me though, since I have a problem with halo forging angels of light who use people as footstools to get a better view of greener pastures they cannot reach but can cry foul about. But I controlled myself.

Dear Dolly,
I am so glad I reached out to you after hearing your UCLA talk, and for your honest and generous response that unspooled into such a heartfelt conversation…

Dearest Mabel,
I like the idea of reflecting together via letters. For some reason I feel the format is perfect; sort of a very deep political and feminist conversation in a letter-writing genre.

June 2, 2021 /

Katba ka pyrthei baroh shityllup ka dang ialeh ban wad ki lad ki lynti ha ka ban pynduh pyndam ia ka jingshitom khlam Covid-19 bala wan lyngshop bad shim ia ki mynsien briew khlem sangeh naduh ba kala sdang haduh mynta. Ki stad saian jong ka pyrthei ki trei borbah bad miet bad sngi ban shem ne ioh ia ka dawai ban pynkhiah na kane ka khlem hynrei tad haduh mynta kaba shem ne ioh dei tang ka dawai tika (Vaccine) ban iada na ka jingpang ne ban pynduna ia ki jingshitom lada bit ia ka khlam.

May 23, 2021 /

Nalor ka jingsar ka khlam covid19, ka jingїakynad bad jingїaumsnam hapdeng ka Ri Israel bad ki nongshong shnong ka Ri Palestine ka la nang pynsuhjer ia ka pyrthei. Kane ka jingїakynad ka la pynkha ia ka jingїatai nia haduh kine ki Lum Khasi. Ha ki rynsan ka social media la sakhi ia ki dur ryngkat ki jingthoh “I stand With Israel”, katba kiwei pat ki kynthoh jur ba ka Ri Israel ka leh donbor palat pud bad leh ki kam runar kiba shyrkhei da kaba ka ther bomb dusmon ia ki Nongbah bad ki Shnong kiba don ha Palestine bad da ki spah ngut ki briew, khamtam ki khyllung kiba lui lui ki la їap.

May 16, 2021 /

Ha ka wat kaba ar, ka khlam Covid19 ka la pynngiew bad pynher syrngiew shisha. Ka mynsiem ka pang ban їohi ba ki briew ki їam paitdohnud bad mareh na kawei ka hospital sha kawei pat ban wad jingїarap na ka bynta kiba ieid bathoiῆ jong ki bad ban їohi ia ki met їap kiba ap pali ban їoh ia ka jinglehniam ba khatduh. La palat shi snem la їakhun pyrshah ia ka khlam covid19 bad ka khlam ka la pynpaw pen ryngkew ia ki jingduna kiba bun, khamtam eh ha ka liang ka sumar pang bad ka jingkoit jingkhiah (Health care) ha ka Ri bad Jylla. Ňiuma, hapoh ka Jylla ki Dorbar Shnong, wat la hapdeng shibun ki jingduna bad jingbym don ei ei na ka liang jong ki, pynban ki la long ka borbah kaba la kyrshan ia ka Sorkar Jylla bad lymda dei na ka jingshimkhia bad jingtrei shitom jong ki, ka Jylla bad ka Nongbah ki lah khyllem naduh mynno.

May 9, 2021 /

Kawei na ki khubor bad jinghikai kaba khraw kaba u Jisu Khrist u la ai sha ka pyrthei ka long kane ba “u la wan sha ka pyrthei ban shakri, ym ban їoh ia ka jingshakri”. U Karl Barth, u theologian uba khraw, u la ai nam ia u Jisu kum “u briew na ka bynta kiwei” lane u briew uba im na ka bynta kiwei pat.

May 5, 2021 /

Ka jingpang ka long kaba shyrkhei, sngew kumban pluh ka shadem. Ngim dei ban kheiñ sting ia une u virus. Nga thoh ia kane ka artikl ryngkat ka oxygen mask ha khmut, artylli ki drip ha kti bad ka jingdap shadem (la shah mai ha i nurse ruh). Ngam lah ban thoh stet, kumta nga hap pynlut baroh shi sngi ban type ha ka mobile phone ia kane ka jingkyrpad ia ka jaitbynriew baieit jong nga: To da sumar, to iada ialade na une U COVID 19.

April 20, 2021 /

While I was still in school, the Oil India Limited conducted a survey in Rahmoria, following which they started digging out crude oil from Rahmoria. Just after a few years, it was shut down after protests by the people of Rahmaria. The people of Rahmoria were seeking for a permanent solution for river erosion. The state came digging for oil, but the decades-long problem of the area was not under its purview. Rather, as many local agitations would show, such ventures of resource extractions bring new risks and hazards. Callousness towards the local people and ecology is, indeed, inherent in the very model of extracting the resources. Sometimes the risks turn into disasters of unmanageable proportion. In the last decade, the fire in the Dikol oil field was one such disaster. The inferno that happened in Baghjan area – an ecologically very sensitive area, situated next to Dibru Saikhowa National Park – was even bigger than the inferno in Dikom oil field. I went to Baghjan the very next day of the incident, and several times thereafter. The village was reduced to ashes. The first thought that came into my mind was that the after-effects would linger on, as the state would shrug off its responsibility.

April 18, 2021 /

Ka jingshah sahnarphna bad ka jingmihpat u Jisu Khrist ki dei ki jingjia History kiba kordor ha ka pyrthei bad U Frank Macchia u kam kynti ba ka Jingmihpat u Jisu Khrist ka pynmynta ia ka jingkyrmen kaba mynhynnin. U Markos (16:12-13) bad u Lukas (24:13-35) ki їathuhkhana shaphang ka jingpynpaw jong u Jisu Khrist їalade hadien ba u la mihpat ha ki arngut ki synran, uwei na ki uba kyrteng u Kleopas, ha ka lynti sha ka shnong Emmaus.

April 18, 2021 /

The first record of any European having crossed the Khasi Hills from one valley to the other is that of the journey made in 1824 by David Scott, the Agent to the Governor-General on the North East Frontier with headquarters at Sylhet. In 1826 the Syiem of Nongkhlaw was persuaded by David Scott to allow the construction of a road across the Khasi Hills. In 1833 Cherrapunji was established as the headquarters of the hills districts. For the next twenty years all effort was concentrated on establishing communication between Cherra and Sylhet.