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June 22, 2021 /

1. Kumno u tika iada Corona u treikam?

Ka long thik kumba la wah ia ki dur jong u nongleh kam sniew ha manla ki adong khnang ba ki pulit pahara ki lah ban ithuh ia u.

Kane kan iarap ia ki pulit pahara ban ioh kem noh ia ki naduh shua ba kin iohlad ban leh ia ki kam sniew ba ki thmu ha kano kano ka jaka thymmai ba ki poi.

Lada ngi pdiang ia u tika iada Corona…

Yn injek da u khniang Corona uba la iap bad u bym don jingktah shuh ia ka met jong ngi, hynrei kin long pynban kum ki pulit, kin iada bad iarap pat na ka bynta ban pynkhreh ia ka jingiakhun pyrshah ia u khniang ba im ki ban ktah bad pynsniew ia ka met jong ngi.

Te, ynda uta u khniang corona u la ioh ban rung ha ngi, ka met jong ngi ha ryngkat u tika ba la long kum kita ki pulit pahara kin iohi bad kem noh ia uta u khniang bad iada iangi na ka jingktah jong u.

November 1, 2020 /

“…Balei ba phi sheptieng…?”- ki kyntien ba u Jisu u kren ha ki synran kiba shong ha ka lieng kynda kaba la jan ngam jyllop ha ka duriaw na ka daw jong ka eriong bad jingat phyllung kaba jur. Kane ka jingjia kam don jingiadei ei ei ruh em bad ngi, hynrei ka pynkynmaw ia ngi ba ngi dei ban jop ia ka jingsheptieng. Ym lah ban len ba ka jingsheptieng ka tyllep bad pynjem khnap ia ka jingim bad kumta ka khubor ka long ban jop ia ka jingsheptieng.

October 18, 2020 /

Lehse ki nongsngap bad nongpule ki lah ban lyngngoh ia u dak jingkylli uba don ha ba kut ki kyntien “Ka Jingim bymjukut”. Hato u nongkren u artatien mo ia ka jingim bymjukut? Em kam dei kumta, pynban u dak jingkylli u pynpaw ia ka jingiaksaid kaba jur ban sngewthuh ia ka jingjylliew jong kane ka sobjek bad kumno ban pynmynta ia ka jingim bymjukut.

October 11, 2020 /

Ka Babel ka dei ka khanatang kaba la rim tam kaba ngi lah ban shem bad pule ha ka kitab Jenesis 11. Ka dei ka khana lyngkot kaba don khyndai tylli ki dkhot bad ka dei kawei na ki khanatang kaba bud ryngkhi ia kiwei pat kiba shem ha ka kitab Jenesis kiba kynthup naduh ka jingthaw -jingpynlong ia ka pyrthei ter ter haduh ka khana shaphang ka jingshlei um ha ka por u Noah

October 4, 2020 /

Ka Balang bad ki bangeit kim lah ban kiar met na kiei kiei kiba jia sawdong bad ki don ka kamram ban pyrkhat bad puson katkum ka nongrim bad jinghikai shongtynrai ba ka Balang ka hikai ia ki. Ha kane ka sngi ngin puson halor ki katto katne ki jinghikai shongtynrai ka Balang Presbyterian bad aiu ki don ban hikai ha kane ka juk.

Ngi im ha ka juk kaba ngi tip kum ka “Neo Liberal Era”, ka juk kaba pynkha ia ka jingduk jingkyrduh (mynta ha kylleng ka Pyrthei ngin shem ba don 1% kiba riewspah bad 99% kiba duk bad kyrduh tasam), ka juk kaba wanrah ia ka rukom khaii mraw bathymmai ia ki para briew, ka juk kaba ngeit ha ka kolshor ba uba riewspah u nang riewspah bad uba duk u nang kyrduh tasam bad la nang pynthaw shuh ia ka lhuh ba shyrkhei kaba pyniakhlad hapdeng ki para briew. Ki Sorbah ki sakhi ia kane bad ki dak ki shin ki paw tyngkrein ba sawdong ka rud ka kiar ki iing paki dulan ki don da ki spah tylli ki iing kyndap-tap shilliang da ki tin umphniangbam rong iong bad kine ki iing ki shah rong ha ka umsaw bad ka lat lat ha ka por u ‘lapbah ‘lapsan .

August 16, 2020 /

Ka Ri India ka la kynjoh 73 (hynniewphew lai) snem ka rta naduh ba la ioh ia ka jinglaitluid na ka Sorkar Bilat. Ngi niewkor shikatdei ia kane ka jinglaitluid bad ha kajuh ka por pat ngi syier bad artatien iohba ha kane ka juk ka jinglaitluid ka dei tang ka pushara ia ka shynrong maw jingtep? Kan sah kynmaw ruh ba ngi rakhe ia ka Sngi Laitluid hapdeng ka khlam bad ka dei ka jingkit kaba khia tam ban khyllie pat ia ka Ri na ka jingpynjot jong ka khlam.

August 9, 2020 /

Ka snem 2020 ruh ka dei ka ‘nemsniew namar ka khlam corona bad sa katno tylli ki snem kin nangsniew nangne shakhmat? Tang mar ia sdang ban pur ka khlam ha ka Jylla, ngi la pyrkhat beit tang ia ka jingduh bad jingiap. Mano ban iap? La sngew ngiew shisha, la kum kato ka por ba jia ka khlam ha Nongkyrdan hyndai kaba i bah S.J Duncan i pynpaw kumne, “Jar jar! Wow! la kynjah ka shnong ka thaw. Ka shnong nongiap ki ong.La tieng ki briew. Balei ka jia kumne?..ki dwar, thliew iing ki ang, ki sah rynghang Mano pat ban khyrdep? Mano ban khang…?

August 2, 2020 /

Sa kawei ka kambah kaba ma ngi ki nongshong shnong ngi dei ban pynjia long hadien ba la shem ia ki dawai, ki lad jingsumar bad ki lad jingiada. Kata ka kambah ka long kane, ba baroh ki nongshong shnong salonsar ki dei ban ioh ia kita ki dawai, ki lad jingsumar bad ki lad jingiada khlem da pyniapher kyrdan ne jaitbynriew bad dei ban pynioh ia ki ha ka dor kaba jem bad ba biang briew, kaba ki rangli ki juki bad ki nongbylla sngi ki kotbor. Nalor nangta ngi dei ruh ban pynthymmai bad pynim pat ia ka koit ka khiah bad ka sumar pang (Health Care) ha baroh ki shnong ha ka Jylla.

April 21, 2020 /

The 2 country-wide lockdowns of 3 weeks each, one after another are unprecedented anywhere in the world. We all know of the distress caused to millions of migrant labourers but we can only wish that someone had planned the first lockdown much better! Maybe there were some compulsions that have been hidden from public domain! We may also like to be generous at such times and forgive those who took the decisions “for they knew not what they did!”

April 21, 2020 /

One of the key factors in tackling the spread of COVID-19 across the globe is testing. In South Korea, for example, mass testing has been used to try and quickly identify and isolate those with the disease. Testing is also vital to calculate accurate infection and survival rates – data that is critical for getting public safety measures right. And as this coronavirus continues to spread, people are being offered tests for sale, either at a high price from private clinics – or tests that are not officially approved, or perhaps even fake. So what tests are being used by health officials, how much do they really cost and what developments are there to come?

April 20, 2020 /

For those who will look for public health in this essay and see a political argument,  may do well to know that the social determinants of health are always amenable to good or bad politics. For example, to spend 24% of the annual budget on military and police while spending only 1.3% on public health measures is a political decision that makes us so vulnerable to public health emergencies. Similarly, responding to this Corona pandemic by listening to great clinicians instead of pubic health experts who understand rural distress and the social determinants of health is as much a political decision. Testing the members of one religious congregation and not the others’ meetings may also be political. Rudolf Virchow, the celebrated nineteenth century German physician wisely said, “Politics is nothing but medicine at a larger scale!”

April 15, 2020 /

Unless you have been on a remote island with no access to the internet (if so, you should have stayed there!), several new words will have been added to your vocabulary in the past few months. Terms such as case fatality rate, antibody, and PPE are no longer just used by scientists. Consider this your coronavirus jargon-buster.

April 7, 2020 /

While growing up, my relationship with death as a young child was shaped by these funerary customs and gatherings. I didn’t fear death. I saw it as a part of everyday life. A death in the community meant meeting scores of new people and catching up with friends. We were always taught to be respectful of the deceased person’s family’s grief but we also played our role in alleviating the sudden emptiness that comes with the death of a loved one.
In many ways, Khasi funerals become a celebration of a person’s life. People sit around and reminisce about the life of the person who has just left this earthly realm.

April 5, 2020 /

Cooped up in a little apartment in New York, Mir Suhail, Koshur (Kashmiri for the uninitiated) artist extraordinaire, has been struggling, like the rest of us, to make sense of the arcane pandemic. Perhaps the talented cartoonist’s art ensures that he has better tools at his disposal in this endeavour than most of us. On the other hand, he shares a burden all Kaesher (Kashmiris) must bear—the India occupation of Kashmir and the utter lack of compassion for and solidarity with Kaesher by most of the global community. That probably balances out any advantages his art might supply.

March 30, 2020 /

One could ceaselessly criticise the atrocities committed by Modi’s regime; but what good is a critique, or a journalism of pathos, or high academic theorisations if they do not take the bull by its horns as it were. This has prompted me to drop the C-bomb — the caste question. How long will Indians pretend to live in a post-caste society and not address the evil that is at the root of a million injustices?

March 24, 2020 /

Ever since COVID-19, or more commonly Coronavirus, first appeared or came to be public knowledge we have witnessed a racialisation of the viral outbreak. Once the origin of the outbreak was determined to be in Wuhan province of China and speculations spread about the virus strain having jumped to humans from bats or pangolins a barrage of attacks ensued towards people of China and other South-Asian countries. The President of United States went on to term COVID-19 as the “Chinese disease”…
When it comes to racial prejudices we find similar notions operating in India as well towards certain tribal and ethnic minority groups. In fact we have recently witnessed a spike in cases of racial targeting and harassment in the country over Coronavirus fear. On the receiving end of this racism are the natives of Northeastern states, and also those from Darjeeling and Ladakh.

March 22, 2020 /

While the world struggles against COVID19 pandemic, India’s music loving Supreme Leader, Sri (216) Narendra Modi appealed to Indians to self impose a curfew on 22nd March from 5.00am to 9.00pm with a proviso that at 5.00 pm all Indians shall step out and make a noise to show their appreciation for the health professionals. Like loyal citizens, Indians came out in droves, they danced, they hugged, they screamed and enjoyed their Social Distancing. These videos are some of the best examples of Indians having Corona fun. 

March 22, 2020 /

Ma ngi ki nongtrei nongbylla hapoh ka shatri jong ka sengbah ki nongtrei nongbylla, kata ka Workers Power of Meghalaya, ngi ia snoh kti lang bad ai ka jingkyrshan ia ka Sorkar ha ka jingiakhun pyrshah ia ka khlam COVID 19 ne kata ka Corona Virus kaba la sar bad saphriang satlak ka pyrthei. Ngi ngeit skhem ba dei tang ka jingiatreilang da baroh ki nongshnong shnong bad da kaba jam ruh ia u pud ka pyrkhat shimet ne ka khwan myntoi ba ngi lah ban jop ia kane ka thma bad ngi lah ruh ban pynneh ia ki nongrim tynrai ka imlang sahlang. Lada ki nongshong shnong ne ka imlang sahlang kim shngain ym don uwei ne kawei ruh na ngi ki riewshimet ki ban shngain. Lada ki rangli ki juki, kiba duk ba kyrduh, ki nongtrei nongbylla ki bym don ki lad jingiada kiba biang kim lah ban sumar bad iada ialade shen kane ka khlam ka lah ban sar naphang bad khlem pep kan lynshop ia ngi iwei pa iwei. Ka jingpynthikna ba uwei pa uwei ne kawei pa kawei ki nongshong shnong bad ki nongtrei nongbylla ki ioh ia ka jingkyrshan kum ka bai bylla sngi bad ka jingpynthikna ba uwei pa uwei ne kawei pa kawei ki ioh ka jingiarap kaba stet bad ba paka lada jia ba ki shitom ne kem pang, kan long ka jingiarap bakhraw ha kane ka jingiakhun bad kan pynlah ia baroh la uba duk ne ba riewspah ban bud pyrkhing bad ryntih ia ki jingbthah ki tnat Sorkar ban shong khop ha la iing bad ban kiar na kaba ia mih na iing ban leit sha ki jaka paidbah ne jaka trei.

Ma ngi kum ka kynhun ki nongtrei nongbylla ngi ngeit ba don ar tylli ki thong ha kane ka thma pyrshah ia ka khlam Corona, kita ki long, wei ban iada ia ka jingim briew bad ar ban iada ia ka jakpoh bad ka kamai kajih. Baroh ki jingpyrshang jong ngi bad jong ka Sorkar kin pulom lada ngim sngewthuh ia kane bad lada ngim lah ban iada ia ka jingim bad ka kamai jakpoh ki briew. Namarkata ka daw ngi buh ha khmat jong phi ia kine ki mat harum bad ngi kyrpad ba phin shim khia ia ki bad ban kynthup lang ia ki ha ki mat treikam bad ki plan jong ka Sorkar Jylla ha kaba iadei bad ka jingiakhun pyrshah ia ka khlam Corona…