A Made in India Poem

Modi is coming!
Modi is coming!
Call the cannibals out
Down from the trees
With their grass skirts and spears
And how will we greet him?
He does not understand Chinese.
What will we feed him?
Chowmêin makes him horny
Maybe beef?
Does tea offend him?
And lock up our immoral women
Who tempt honourable men to rape
Paint the trees saffron
How dare they’re green
Where are the lotuses
Hack down the orchids
Such anti-nationals
Modi is coming
He’s coming with a broom
He’s coming to clean
He’s going to make us proud to be Indians
But first, a selfie.


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Lalnunsanga Ralte Written by:

Lalnunsanga Ralte is a poet based in Shillong. He loves basketball.

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