Author: Barry Leslie Kharmalki

Field mentor and consultant of Family Health International - Harm Reduction Project by NACO for Injecting Drug Users and other Marginalised Group in Meghalaya.
Also living with HIV - DIAGNOSED in 2009. HIV activist and treasurer of the Meghalaya State Network of Positive People.

August 27, 2018 /

27/08/2018, it was really shocking for me to read the local dailies. According to Bah H. S. Shylla, esteemed CEM of KHADC, his proposed  amendment to Khasi Social Custom of Lineage Act 1997, preventing marriages between Khasi women and Non-Khasi Men by stripping Khasi women of their Khasi status was:
“aimed at protecting the community from the imminent threat of deadly diseases such as HIV-AIDS which are through marriage with bus and truck drivers from outside the state, migrant workers including drug addicts.”