Author: Delhi Sultanate

Born in New Delhi, India but having spent formative years in Germany and the US (Bay Area), Delhi Sultanate, has long pioneered the sounds of Dancehall / Hip Hop and performance poetry in India. Alongside singer Begum X he is the lead singer of India's first Ska and Rocksteady band The Ska Vengers.

He runs Bass Foundation Roots, a Jamaican style Reggae Sound system with a monthly night in Delhi and a weekly radio show on Dub Force Radio.

In 2010 he started 'Word, Sound, Power' along with producer Chris McGuinness. The organization is dedicated to producing documentary films and musical collaborations featuring revolutionary singers from different parts of the Indian subcontinent. The films can be viewed on, where all the music is available for free download! Apart from his musical pursuits Delhi Sultanate trains in traditional martial arts and holds a Masters degree in South Asian Area Studies as well as an MPHIL in Indian History.