Author: Rajiv Chowdhury, Imran Matin & Oscar Franco

Dr Rajiv Chowdhury is Associate Professor in Global Health Epidemiology, University of Cambridge, UK. Dr Imran Matin is Executive Director, BRAC Institute of Global Development (BIGD), Bangladesh. Dr Oscar Franco is Director, Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland.

As we continue to face a mostly unknown threat and have no specific guidelines on ideal exit plans (eg, from World Health Organization), it is, therefore, critical that developing countries formulate their own “context-specific” strategies before relaxing the nationwide social distancing interventions.
Besides solidarity, integrative thinking, multidisciplinary coordination, planning, and preparation are key.
Therefore, the measures proposed here might helpfully inform the policy-makers to think locally, act promptly, and balance health protection and economy pragmatically, in low-income settings worldwide , when a decision is made to relax the social distancing.