Author: Ritesh Uttamchandani

Editorial and news photographer based in Bombay, India. I started making pictures in 2004 during an internship in the photo department of the Indian Express newspaper. In 2005, I moved to the Hindustan Times where I spent three very successful years before 2008 took me to the OPEN Magazine’s Bombay bureau. I currently work as a Freelance Photographer and my work is no longer limited to News. Kahaniyan, a Hindi word for Stories, is not just about my photos, (it mostly is) but also about what it means to be a photojournalist in Bombay, the trials, the thrills, the back stories and at regular intervals it will feature interviews with seniors and current members of my fraternity. The faceless men and women who are responsible for those images you see every morning while sipping on your cup of tea or while getting squished in the 9 am local train to work.

August 21, 2017 /

When we were sitting in the park in Surya Nagar, I had asked him about the title conferred on him by a magazine – The Henri Cartier Bresson of India. I had a feeling that he doesn’t enjoy the title much and he insisted on being called as the S Paul of India, if referred to as anything apart from his name. Most of us would kill to be compared on that scale yet Paul wasn’t.