Author: Sashi Teibor Laloo

Sashi Teibor Laloo is a Research Scholar at the North Eastern Hill University, working on the origin of borders and its implications in the shaping of identity among the Khasi-Jaintia community in Meghalaya. Raised in a family of Partition Survivors (Paternal Family), his keen interests rest with topics and discussions on borders, identities, and social-cultural relations. He may be contacted at [email protected]

May 18, 2018 /

With grief in her usual frail voice she utters, “I saw the poverty with my own eyes; my Mother’s gold and silver ornaments had to be traded to make ends meet. I remember running from pillar to post for loans and to collect pending money. What other alternative we had? None! All of us left Wahlong for Shillong in the next few months after partition for the better or worse, while Dad persisted to stay back and supervise the remaining lands (certain portions of our land is in Bangladesh today). Our journey to Shillong was treacherous! We walked from Wahlong to Mawbang and then we finally took a bus to Shillong.”