“Best Music Video Of The World 2016” awarded to Digital Suicide of Haflong by UNISCO

In a moment of pride for all North Eastern Indians – Digital Suicide, a band from Haflong, Assam has walked away with the Best Music Video Award for 2017 given by UNISCO. After Sri Sri Sri Narendra Modi, got UNESCO Best Prime Minister award, it is fitting that a band from Haflong should be internationally recognised. Daniel Langthasa, a band member, thanked United Nations and his fans for this honour. He said after Haflong being declared “Rock Capital of India”, he is happy that finally people are looking beyond Shillong for their musical onanism. Prime Minister Modi called up the band to congratulate them and invited them to compose a jingle for Swaccha Bharat.


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  1. A. R . Sengupta
    July 2, 2016

    Who told you that MODI has been awarded the best PM of the world ? All bogus . UNESCO has no such award at all . In fact he has been ajudged ( not awarded ) the ” highest traveling PM .Do not mislead .

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