Download first ever Guide Map of Shillong (1925)

In 1925, Survey of India as part of its Indian city map series published a guide map of Shillong. Beautifully rendered in colour, this Map along with 1935 black and white map are the only maps of Shillong ever published for general public. Independent India’s idiotic policy of not allowing public access to border area maps has meant that Shillong has no contemporary maps in print. I thought I would publicly share this map because the map allows us to locate various changes to our town. Maybe the map may also help us find out how the rivers like Wahumkhrah and Umshyrpi have been strangled. You are free to download the map.

First published by Survey of India 1925
First published by Survey of India 1925


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Tarun Bhartiya Written by:

Tarun Bhartiya is a documentary filmmaker and hindi poet from Shillong


  1. Darilyn Syiem
    August 4, 2016

    Thanks Tarun

  2. B Lyngdoh
    June 26, 2018


    This is a piece of history.

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