Everybody Knows

Everybody knows
That everything in Ayodhya
Is imaginary

That mosque
Which was demolished

Those images
Were just meant for
Some famous film

That was an
Afternoon nap
A sort of a confused dream
Or a snore

Whose noise washed away
The faintly sad cracking sound
Of those arches
While domes crashed down slowly
In some black and white blur


Translated from Hindi by Tarun Bhartiya


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Asad Zaidi Written by:

Asad Zaidi, born in Karauli (Rajasthan), has lived in Delhi for the last 35 years. He has three books of poems: Behnen aur anya kavitaen (1980 & 2008), Kavita ka jivan (1988), and Saman ki talash (2008) and has edited a number of collections including Das Baras: Hindi kavita Ayodhya ke bad (2003). His interests extend to education, literary criticism and occasional social commentary. He is the founder of Three Essays Collective, an independent publishing house.

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