How to identify an internet KHLAWAIT

There are nationalist, there are racists, there are right wingers and there are these so called ” KHASI SONS OF THE SOIL” whom we term as INTERNET KHLAWAIT. Defined by Banpynskhemlang Majaw as:
[su_quote]Urban slang for a Khasi Son of the Soil who fights outsiders with his supreme (read retarded) writing skills but most of his work is confined to Facebook Xenophobic Groups. His favourite and the only phrase spelt correctly is ‘Para Ri’.[/su_quote]

They are found in their natural habitats; Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter and sometimes, in you tube. They are always criticising everything that is not Khasi or written in Khasi along with other languages. Below are some of the traits of these INTERNET KHLAWAIT.

1) They use queer names on their facebook accounts some may use realistic Khasi names but would never be their real names. In short, they use fake profiles.

2) The constantly use words like INGKHONG SHYLLANGMAT, MENDIE RI, LANGIONG, BIAH PONGRAI, etc… at the drop of a hat when you don’t subscribe to their idea of patriotism.

3) They resort to personal abuse when they lose an arguement.

4) Their knowledge of history is limited to U Tirot Sing and Kiang Nongbah anything before or after is a myth to them.

5) They are a frustrated lot, always skulking and complaining, with high levels of mysogyny blaming Khasi women for the ills of the Khasi people, and usually citing the example of Tirot Sing’s Mother as a classic MENDIE RI.

6) Believes that the Khasi Culture has gone down and blames the women for it. ( Noting that most of these Khlawaits, don’t even know how to wear a Jaiñboh or Jaiñspong or had ever used one, They prefer western up to date fashinable clothing and complains when a woman does the same.)

7)Believes that the role of a Khasi woman is limited to the hearth and homes and that women in western dress who parties or smokes or drink is against Khasi culture, but they will send a FRENS REQUEST and asked them to EXCEPT (SIC). If the woman fails to EXCEPT (accept) They let loose a plethora of adjectives calling them KHUSBI, and the likes even to the extent of describing the condition of the woman’s particular part of the anatomy which he had never even seen.

8) These Khlawaits are sexually perverted and would troll any profile, illegaly download their photos or videos and post them on facebook, whatsapp or anywhere with a caption on the photo as being KHUSBI, TNGA MYNDER, or anything.

9)The lament on the loss of Khasi etiquettes (AKOR KHASI) but will not hesitate to use abusive words themselves and even curse the female family members like sister or mothers of those who disagree with them. And at the same time these so called KHLAWAIT sees women only as a sexual object and they will justify RAPING A WOMAN just because she is doing something which does not subscribe to their Ideas.

10) Harps on various Khasi organisations but are never an active member of any and will prefer to stay home and battle in facebook than actually roughing it outside with any organisations because, they are Anti-Dkhar, Anti- Indian only in the internet, but STILL NEEDS KAM SORKAR and would still fill the Nationality column as INDIAN. So active participation with these organisations like in a rally or a Hunger strike is a big NO NO ioh shu DUH KAM SORKAR EI LASHAI!.


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