I Am Spelity Lyngdoh Langrin

When children, like the drunken servants of a thlen-rearing family, were bleeding dry the present
I have seen the future;
When children were drooling over the power-stone I stood rooted in my forefather’s land.
I do not recognize the colours of your world,
They blind me;
I will not dance to the tinkling music of your coins,
It is a screech to my ears.
I am the orchid in the forest of my childhood,
I am the waterfall on the precipice of my youth,
I am the fruit tree in the garden of my children,
I am the tigress of the winter of my life,
I am the lineage-shield of my descendants.
I am the tigress, I am the eagle, I am the orchid,
I am the free land of my forefathers;
I am Spelity Lyngdoh Langrin.

Featured image by Tarun Bhartiya


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Donboklang Ryntathiang has his roots in a remote village in West Khasi Hill called Wahrit. Hestarted playing music while he was in class 9 and in 1999 he along with four friends formed a band called 'Snow White'. Since his interest had always been music, he started writing poetry only after finishing his MA. He is presently the bass guitarist of the band 'Snow White' and is an Assistant Professor in English at Seng Khasi College.

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