Kolkata rappers RAP no to URANIUM MINING in Meghalaya

Met these cats during their weekly Sunday Cypher at a street corner in Nandan, Kolkata last week and got to witness a dope impromptu rap and freestyle session. I also told them about the Anti-Uranium Mining campaign that is currently going on here in Meghalaya and they immediately put up a sick jam in support of the movement. S/O to Arijit Mallick Rounok Cizzy Chakraborty Anuraj Biswas Anant Mohanka and Saurya Joe Dattaray for being a part of the anti-uranium mining struggle!!

First Verse
To all my North East brethren, it’s time you wake,
And try to understand the makes of what you stake.
Mistakes of ’09 are being repeated,
The Devil came to your home KHADC greeted.
In the form of a UCIL Limited, illegitimate – in every sense of the word & sentiment.
It’s evident they came for what’s rightfully yours,
Khasi council allowed, never cared to ensure…
The ecological consequence, it’s ok, then?
For water pollution to ruin the lives of fishermen?
And they at it again, seeking an NOC.
Stop ’em dead in their feet before they proceed.
The devil is known & showing intentions still, no water mills, they’ll turn your lands to landfill.
Do you still instill your faith in UCIL?
‘Cause if you don’t save your home… Who will?
Second Verse
Durbhikho theke mohamari
Roktopat jhat dewa jomadari
Megher rajotte khoni dorkari
Ei suparish, shilmohor sorkari
Manush er ostro ei mostisko ta
Osanto koreche ei sosti’r dhora
Dao phire se oronyo, bisudho hawa
jate nei ekfota tejoskriyota
Nodi boye jai nijer abege
Kobi hoye jai nirob ta dekhe
Ei jol eo mishbe je kona
Tar choyay prithibi uthbe je kepe
Aj haat e haat rekhe toiri je bormo
Sobar agey amader ei manob dhormo
Dombho aaj ei danob er hobe bhongo
Dori dhore maro tan, raja hobe khondo khondo
Third Verse 
Feel your heart and just listen to these bars for a minute
Before blood flowing through it is carcinogenic
The heartache’s enough, stand up for this now
Meghalaya shouldn’t have to run from the clouds
If non-action from them would be saving lives
Grants would have you falling like Uranium’s price
If non-action from you still may seem fine
Know that this won’t go away with time
You won’t know what’s in the water when you need it then
You won’t see radiation, just breathe it in
You won’t feel it until it’s beneath your skin Kids screaming –
this is what you leave us in?
Where’s the inner sense?
Where’s the innocence?
Jadugoda’s lost count of its birth defects
Rest in peace to every life lost to this tragedy
If states let it happen…
rest in peace to morality


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Andrew Lyndem Written by:

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