Not so provisional lessons of Uttar Pradesh

After  #UP #saffron serge, Chittibabu Padavala brings some more bad news for anti-fascists

It is silly to speak about UP election results as if it is the biggest disaster we have seen. The single biggest election in human history (2014) elected a party (BJP) inspired by Hitler with explicit aim to repeat Nazi-like aims in India. The man thus became the head of the government is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

However big and important, Uttar Pradesh is only a state. And, now so many senior political activists and analysts expressing disproportionate shock and despair over UP results looks like putting on a show (Anybody who is not a potential immediate victim of danger due to UP election results must stop those theatrics).

What is dead in UP today is the damaging illusion that victims of Hindu Nazists ((Dalits, Muslims, OBCs, Modernising Women, the Left) can be busy fighting each other and Modi and BJP will fall on their own merely watching the ferocity of the fight among their victims, then, the terrified Modi will turn into a good boy (instead, Modi intensified his Nazist actions rather than relent whenever he faced electoral setbacks).

False saviors (from Hindu Nazists) like Congress/CPM combo have long been discredited. Solo solutions like Kejriwal and Mayawati have now been shown for what they could do.

Scapegoating Muslims or suspected EVM manipulations for Dalit-OBC foolishness is easy. A community facing a sure threat to their very physical existence (Muslims) can vote only for the party that seems to be the strongest against Modi (and not by the manifestos, past performance, or new promises). If Leftists in media misled or confused them, they can’t be blamed for it. Blaming EVMs would have been convincing if it came before election results or there is any verified proof for such suspicion. Otherwise, it can only help continuing to live in denial. This curious strategem of denial, as we all know, cannot serve any purpose, including its own intended one.


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Chittibabu Padavala Written by:

Chittibabu Padavala is a Dalit Activist and Journalist

One Comment

  1. Narendra
    March 13, 2017

    Keep crying till the next defeat. You can even increase the intensity of your cry.
    By the time you finish, country would have progressed a lot and people would have forgotten you.
    Whole country knows that you are against development and they have shown you your place. Good that we have democracy and you cannot do anything about it.
    Good that we have a great leadership in Modi, BJP and RSS.
    Communism is long dead and you can cry over the dead and keep crying.
    I thank the people of this country and its democracy to have sidelined anti development people like you to side lines.

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