Revolutionary dreams of Nepal – a photoessay

[su_quote]I fell in love with my husband in the camp because he didn’t speak too much. We got the approval from our commander and married two years later. Now we both talk about how the leadership betrayed us.[/su_quote]
IMG_9932Janaki Bhatta – Accham, currently living in Lamki, Kailali running a hotel

[su_quote]I get depressed when I look at my personal situation, my party’s situation and my society’s situation. A part of me has tied my dreams, my anger, my fire that I had as a Maoist fighter in a handkerchief and put them aside and another part of me has to work and make a living.[/su_quote]
IMG_9977Ishwor Timilsina – Kuika, Accham, currently living in Lamki, Kailali runs a small hotel

[su_quote]These days I feel like If I hadn’t gotten involved in the Maoist revolution I could have studied and perhaps done something else in my life. I spent 6 years of my life living inside the cantonment doing nothing at all.[/su_quote]

Bramha Kattel – Bajura, currently living in Lamki, Kailali as a rickshaw driver


[su_quote]I was shot in my leg and spent 56 hours hiding from the army without food or water. I watched helplessly as flies laid eggs which started eating my wounded flesh. They looked like helicopters all over my wound. After the war I was homeless and slept on the streets in Kathmandu. I have managed to heal my body and my life right now and I know that we will fight again and heal our country one day soon.[/su_quote]

IMG_9638 copy
Ganga Lama – Kavre, currently living in Kathmandu running a carpet factory
IMG_9652 copy

[su_quote]I joined the People’s Militia and later went into the People’s Army after my father was disappeared by Nepal Army. I now teach young children sports. I feel like my personal life has been destroyed the same way as the earthquake last year destroyed my country.[/su_quote]

Keshab Khanal – Syangja, currently living in Kathmandu as a sports teacher
[su_quote]I got injured in the battle of Khara. These days I can’t even walk or roam around. The only thing I do is stay at home. We, the ones who got injured and disabled during the people’s war are in a miserable situation today.[/su_quote]
IMG_0375Kal Bahadur Bogati – Kalikot, currently living in Lamki, Kailali living a disabled life
[su_quote]The leaders who were supposed to fight for the liberation of the poor have been trapped in their own greed and have left the poor somewhere in the middle of the road. But even now if any political party is determined to fight and take the revolution ahead I will join that fight again.[/su_quote]

Prem Bahadur Bayek – Lamki, Kailali currently a community activist


Dhansari Bayak – Lamki, Kailali, currently works as a tailor at home

[su_quote]We are proud that we sacrificed ourselves during the People’s War but we are sad at the way our leaders surrendered our struggle. For there to be any change in Nepali society, we need to rid ourselves of the parliamentary system and bring in the people’s system. That’s the only way we can build a better future for Nepal and Nepalese.[/su_quote]


[su_quote]Our country is agricultural and lies below the poverty line. It is my understanding that foreign organisations are playing financial games and that’s why we are the way we are. We need another revolution to change this situation[/su_quote]


Mahendra Bahadur Budha – Rishi Daha, Accham, currently living in Lamki, Kailali as a farmer


[su_quote]Under the government’s plan UNMIN threw out our people’s army as unfit. Now these unfit friends are working for the government. But how did they become unfit inside the army’s cantonment? The people’s liberation army who were rehabilitated were sold for some amount of money. Can they live their lives with 5 lakh rupees?[/su_quote]


Bipana Malla –  Lamki, Kailali, currently runs a small shop




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Bikkil Sthapit & Pooja Pant are imagemakers from Nepal

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