Shillong’s Fever

Garcia Marquez knew that love can cause an epidemic, sickness in human beings.
Shillong is delirious today with Modi fever
(Mistake, shouldn’t have uttered the ineffable name!).
My students from town couldn’t find taxis to come to the university,
and I had to reschedule a test.
Our CM (his name is also ineffable) and other ineffable names from different parties
are possibly cozying up to the PM.
I won’t be surprised if they join/ally with the ruling party (the Assam minister is worth emulating).

It pays to know which side of one’s bun is buttered.


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Robin Ngangom Written by:

Robin Singh Ngangom was born in Imphal, Manipur. He is a bilingual poet who writes in English and Manipuri. He studied literature at St Edmund's College and the North Eastern Hill University Shillong, and teaches in the Dept. of English at NEHU. He is the Editor of New Frontiers, journal of the Northeast Writers' Forum, Guwahati, and is Nominating Editor for Manipuri for Katha Translation Awards, New Delhi. He was conferred with Katha Award for Translation in 1999. His significant publications are The Desire of Roots (2006); Time's Crossroads (1994); Words and the Silence, (1988). He is a co-editor (with Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih) of two significant anthologies of Poetry from North East India. He lives in Shillong

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