(Shocking) Kashmiri Stonepelters warn Bengali Tourists to Stop wearing Monkey Cap

While the real sangbaaz are busy heroically fighting one of the mightiest armies in the world and their local stooges, some “unknown elements”, allegedly J&K Police Sangbaaz Association in collaboration with IB Stonepelters League, have been busy putting up fake posters in some localities in Srinagar to bring disrepute to the sangbaaz by showing them as misogynistic etc.
We made a few additional posters to demonstrate the name of the game. Check ’em out.


The original fake.
Bengalis Beware.
Underwear agent.
Poetry connoisseur.
Fashion police.


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Arif Ayaz Parrey Written by:

Arif Ayaz Parrey was born and brought up between Islamabad and Anantnag, Kashmir. He studied law at Aligarh Muslim University.

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  1. July 31, 2016

    I still don’t get whats with Bengalis and monkey caps?!

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