Smart persons guide to beating Facebook Kashmir censorship

Important recipe for beating Facebook censorship algorithm on Kashmir
[and other important places like Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine – places and issues it doesn’t want you talking about]

1 Rumi quote [however overused, no issues]
1 post about Kashmir’s history and that Kashmiris are not protesting HR violations but demanding Independence
1 picture of zuckerberg holding a baby
1 picture of Indian occupation’s brutality like attacking children and maiming them [that world needs to see]
1 melania trump meme
1 post of news from kashmir that is not carried by Indian/global media
1 kitten gif
1 post of kashmir news [curfew/killings that world needs to hear]
1 post about Michelle Obama’s karaoke ride

Huge helping of alternating ridiculousness. mix it up.
Let your page simmer overnight on a Hollywood or Bollywood movie review. that seals the deal to say you are a sheeple.

Bury your smart, alive, and conscientious self in these innane news bits so that Facebook doesn’t know you care about issues that are breaking our world.

Rest easy your account is safe. You will be on Facebook for ever.

ps: Sadly i devised this recipe after many of my comrades were taken off Facebook just because they cared about Kashmir.


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Ather Zia Written by:

Ather Zia is the editor oF Kashmir Lit ( magazine.

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  1. Ania Loomba
    July 24, 2016

    Thanks Ather! We should all use it!

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