The Story of Nangeli

A #comics history of the horrors of #caste and the beauty of #resistance in #Kerala

[su_quote]The story of Nangeli is a disputed one. Academic historians have yet to find sufficient external evidence of the events the story describes. For me, the veracity of the facts is less important than the singular fact that the story exists, and continues to be told. It narrates the protest, anguish and anger of those who are excluded from the reach of collective conscience because they have no text, and therefore no ‘history’. This comics story is dedicated to Rohith Vemula (1989-2016), who, like Nangeli, chose death over a life of indignity.[/su_quote]



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Orijit Sen Written by:

Orijit Sen is a graphic artist, cartoonist and designer based in New Delhi, India. He has been deeply involved with the development of comics and graphic novels in India, and his pioneering work "River of Stories" (Kalpavriksh 1994) is considered to be India's first graphic novel. He is one of the founders, along with his fellow designer and wife Gurpreet Sidhu, of People Tree - a collaborative studio and store for artists, designers and craftspeople, known for its promotion of innovative artisanal work and creative community building. Orijit is Mario Miranda Chair visiting professor at Goa University, where he has initiated an experimental research-based arts project, entitled "Mapping Mapusa Market", involving students, educationists and artists.

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  1. Angelina (Nangeli)
    December 9, 2018

    How beautiful you tell my story? Thank you

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