Two Shillong Beef Recipes

Doh shaiñ pyllon / Doh kpu / Beef Balls

1. Buy Beef thats meaty without bones prefer ‘khmat lybong’ or ‘middle part of pyllon’.
2. Grind it in Meat Grinder but not electrical machine. The hand grinder available from Mhari outlets is better.
3. Mix grounded pepper, salt, little turmeric, onions, garlic and ginger.
4. Make it into small round balls
5. Put in a flat frying pan with oil and cover in slow heat.
6. Check till brown and pour little water to steam till its tender.
Have it with rice or just pop them in your mouth.

Doh Kpu
Doh Kpu



Doh Masi Kylla

1. Buy 1/4 kg of “pyllon” from Laban Red Cross.
2. Wash and cut into even size. Also cut about 3 medium size potato into four pieces.
3. Heat Pressure cooker and put Mustard oil about quater of small chai cup and wait till heated
4. Once heated Add grinded onion (1big one) mixed with Garlic clove (3 pulp)
5. Once little brown colour shows add Turmeric about quater of a tea spoon(preferred turmeric from shangpung)
6. Add doh masi and mix for a few minutes.
7. Add Salt for taste.
8. Add Modi’s Doh masi masala about a small tea spoon.
9. Pour water to cover the mix and cover pressure cooker for about 20min.
10. Open pressure and add potato’s and cover for another 10-15min.
11. Open and check for meat softness and for water level. If meat still hard put it back on pressure for a few more minutes and if water is still too much, put it in open fame with lid open till it thickens by stirring.
12. Serve hot with ja lieh and dai sboh and sohsaw khlieh.
Can also add dhonia for added taste.
Can also add pepper or chillies if preferred.

Photo: Whitemonk
Photo: Whitemonk



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