1932 amateur film of Iewduh Shillong

We thought our 1936 Amateur Film about Shillong was the earliest moving image representation of Shillong, but we were wrong. Watch this most probably a 1932 short colonial “home movie”(?) called The Bara Bazaar of Shillong. If you are into those things, do look out for conflicting gaze of the people – Ladies shopping for fresh veggies smile at the camera, Khasi women hesitate, banias look askance and mawbynnas of Iewduh look at all this with their contrasty vision.

Title Card – The Bara Bazaar, Shillong
Origins – Unknown (gifted to RAIOT by a travelling drunk)

Some film stills:

iewduh 3 iewduh 2 iewduh 5 iewduh 4 Iewduh 1

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