Karthik Venkatesh translates Sahir Ludhiyanvi‘s poem aao k koi Khwaab buneiN

Let us spin a dream for the morrow
To wish away today’s terrible night
A dream of beautiful hair, red lips and entwined bodies
A dream of fine art and great poetry
A dream of culture and national progress
A dream of prison and martyrdom
Dreams are the only possession of youth
The foundation of our purity
A dreamless life is colourless
Akin to a destruction of all that is life!

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A few words about myself. I am originally from Bangalore, but circumstances took me to Punjab where I lived and worked for more than a decade. This resulted in a keen interest in things Punjabi – history, literature, culture and politics. I have written on aspects of Punjabi history and translated Punjabi poetry. I'm now back in Bangalore and work as an editor with a publishing firm.

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