#BlameIsis #BlameDhoni Song

how many times must the lights go out
before you call the line man
yes for how many hours must the lights be out
before you blame it on the wind

electricity my friend
is gone with the wind
electricity is gone with the wind

how many suicide bombers must die
all we do is blame isis?
yes how many more iraqis must die
before they make breaking news

how many wars must america fight
before we team up and bomb them
how many dreams do they have to sell us
before we give up all our land

the answer my friend is with
dhoni and his gang
the answer is dhoni and his gang!


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Daniel Langthasa Written by:

Daniel Langthasa lives in Haflong, DIMA HASAO DISTRICT AUTONOMOUS COUNCIL, Assam and is the member of Digital Suicide

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