BROKEN LANDSCAPE – a Documentary on Meghalaya’s Coal Mining

In India’s resource-rich Meghalaya State, demand for coal is transforming the environment and the people who depend on it. Coal mine owners are prospering from booming production, but few laws regulate the dangerous and polluting practice known as “rat-hole” mining. Until now.

National Green Tribunal recently banned all environmentally unsound and unregulated coal mining in the region. Mine owners staged protests, while people living downstream are struggling to cope with dead rivers that once provided their livelihoods, food, and drinking water. Migrant labour who came to Meghalaya to work in the mines are stuck in the middle.

Broken Landscape examines the lives of those on the front lines of Meghalaya’s environmental crisis.


Director/Producer: Michael T. Miller
Co-Producer: Sean Peoples
Supervising Producers: Jennifer L. Turner and Meaghan E. Parker
Music: Aaron Thompson
Graphics: Ivan Kander
Color Correction: Amigo Media
Sound Mix: Takoma Media

A production of the Woodrow Wilson Center in association with Circle of Blue and Think Out Loud Productions.


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