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December 20, 2020 /

Ka Khatphra tarik u Nohprah Ar Hajar Arphew ka dei ka lyngkhuh sngi ïap kaba phra phew jong u babu Soso Tham. Ngi kynmaw burom bad ῆiewkor ia u synῆiang ba une u riewkhraw u la noh. Ha ka jingpynshai halor ka kot Ki Sngi Ba Rim U Hynῆiewtrep, u babu Soso Tham u kynthoh kumne,
“…sa tang katno, ia ngi kiba tang shi troh, lada ngim kyndit bynriew kan sa tyllep ka umsaw bad ngin sa long nong-Gibeon ban thoh dieng bad tong um iano re…”

October 3, 2019 /

Despite Kashmir valley experiencing a crippling communication blackout for the last sixty days, with massive restrictions and curfew imposed, where it has impacted life beyond one’s imagination, one comes across the launch of a fashion campaign (Zooni) directed by Avani Rai for a label called Raw Mango. It is not just that the campaign is ill-timed and insensitive, but it does damage by further fetishing Kashmiri women.

June 8, 2019 /

The demand for Hindi
is now a demand
for better treatment–
not rights-
put by the agents
to their slave-masters.
They use Hindi in place of English,
while the fact is
that their masters
use English in place of Hindi-
the two of them have struck a deal.