[Christmas Song from Nagaland] CHRISTMAS IS BEST IN OUR VILLAGE

“It doesn’t snow in my village,
Santa Claus is unfamiliar to us,
though we don’t get Christmas cake,
Yet Christmas is best in my village;

Reindeers don’t roam in our forest,
Exchanging Christmas gifts is not our tradition,
Bethlehem is a place we’ve never seen,
yet Christmas is best in my village.”

Khrismas Ye Niphulo pavi / Christmas is best in my village, a christmas song by Sumi Naga Choral group NAGAGENOUS in its celebratory subversion does what any great original song does – challenge our assumption while we hum along our surprise. Released in 2016, this choral masterpiece stands out amidst the Americanised treacle of the obvious BoneyM/Abba/Jim Reeves being dished out by ‘NorthEast’ music groups like Shillong Chamber Choir. 

Words & Lyrics: HOJEVI KAPPO
Directed by VITO SUMI
Producer: Er. KITOSHE AYE
Set Design: HOTONI K AYE
Sound Mixing: JEKUTO
Production Manager: INITO KIBA
Helen Aye,Aghali Chishi, Kheholi Achumi, Ilitoli Aye, Lino V Yeptho, Vitokali Kinny ,Kali Chishi , Hotoni K Aye
Vikiho Sumi, Atoho Zhimomi, Hekai Kinny, Hojevi Kappo, Akato Kiba, Hotolu Yeptho, Jesse Yeptho & Levito Swu
Reckless films
Assistant cameramen :Bhupen salio
Focus puller- Bipul das
Lights :Arvindar Boro, Nasir Amit , Babul Doloi
Jib operator: Dilip Baruah, Bhaupen Deka, Mukunda Rabha


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