Diego Maradona remembers #FIDEL

Only #DiegoMaradona can remember #Fidel like this

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My friend, my confidante, the one who advised me, the one who called me at any time to talk about politics, football, baseball.
Told me that worse than Clintonwas Bush and it was never wrong. For me Fidel is, was and will be eternal, the only, the greatest. My heart hurts because the world loses the wisest of all. Not anyone can end dictatorship with 20 men defying the American Empire.

Not everyone eliminates illiteracy in a year.

Not everyone – child mortality decreases from 42% to 4%.

Not everyone creates more than 130 thousand doctors, guaranteeing 1 doctor per 130 people, with the highest index of doctors per capita in the world.

Not everyone creates the largest Faculty of Medicine in the World, graduating 1500 foreign physicians per year, with 25,000 medical graduates from 84 nations.

Not everyone sends more than 30 thousand doctors to collaborate in more than 68 countries of the world summing near 600,000 missions.

Not everyone manages to be the only Latin American nation without child malnutrition.

Not everyone manages to be the only Latin American country with no drug problem.

Not everyone achieves 100% of schooling.

Not everyone can travel in their country without seeing a single child sleeping in the street.

Not everyone manages to be the only country in the world that fulfills ecological sustainability.

Not everyone achieves that their population has 79 years of life expectancy at birth.

Not anyone creates cancer vaccines.

Not everyone manages to be the only country to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

No one manages to have the most Olympic medals in Latin America.

Not one survives more than 600 attempts on his life and 11 American presidents trying to overthrow him.

Not anyone survives 50 years of blockade and economic war.

Not everyone reaches 90 years, with so much protagonism in world history.

Loved by millions. Misunderstood by others. What no one can do is ignore him.

RIP. Fidel Castro! #Castro!


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