(EP1) Shillong Rock N Metal Scene feat. Plague Throat

Welcome to the first episode of the webseries Shillong Rock N Metal Scene featuring Death Metal Band – PLAGUE THROAT
Cornelius Kharsyntiew, guitarist of Shillong metal band Dymbur created a facebook page under the name Metal and Rock bands of Shillong in 2013, a page that updates the latest news, gigs, single releases and birthdays of the local musicians of the Shillong metal and rock scene. After two years, he came up with the idea of bringing the local bands up closer to the fans and music lovers of Shillong through episode wise interviews of bands and musicians. He shared his idea with two of his friends, Mayson Dkhar and Gerald Duia. The three of them also had the same idea in mind before they met each other and that was when they took the decision to run a youtube episode wise interview of the local metal and rock bands and they changed the name of the page to Shillong Rock N Metal Scene.
Raiot will bring you rest of this DIY webseries, as and when they arrive or will sing its obit when boredom kills it. We also asked Cornelius, Gerald & Mayson to share with us their motivation in making this webseries about a little understood metal subculture of Shillong.


[su_quote]I was introduced to music since I was a kid, started playing the guitar at the age of 8 years, started listening to some rock bands, classic rock, glam rock/metal, old school heavy metal at the age of 12, and studied classical guitar music in Gurgaon, Haryana from 2007-2011. I also picked up the electric guitar in 2008 and formed my first rock band in 2011 when I came back to Shillong and from then I started a metal band in 2012 and became much closer to metal music. As a metal musician myself, I felt that surviving as a metal band or as a metal artist is very difficult here in Shillong and also in India as well. There are lots of great metal bands from Shillong itself who have disbanded due to the lack of opportunities and so on. So, I consider myself luck to be born in this century where Metal music is booming in India with many International metal bands performing in our country and also with big music festivals happening in our city. With that being said, I hope that the local metal and rock bands will also get an opportunity to be perform in these big festivals that happen in our city in the near future as well. And with the use of social networking sites like facebook, I started a page called Metal and Rock Bands of Shillong in 2013 to try my level best to update the latest happenings in our local metal and rock music scene. corneliusI have also been following many youtube video interviews of international bands and also some Indian music interviews like Vh1 music dairies and Headbangers Kitchen. So out of nowhere, I just came up with this thought of, “why can’t someone from Shillong do the same and interview our local bands and musicians.” Being a musician myself, I felt that I would be very glad if I could share my story as a musician or a story about my band to the music lovers and supporters of Shillong and yes I know that every musician would love to share their side of the story. I feel that video interviews are important for a band because they will get more exposure via social networking sites through the views of people in and around the country and also that the music lovers of Shillong will get to know more about the bands, what their music speaks about, the ups and downs surviving as a metal band and so on. It was then that I came up with the initiative that I will start my own band interview episodes and keep it up on a youtube page. And obviously I needed some help, so I met two friends of mine Gerald and Mayson. Gerald was the drummer of the first rock band that I had and Mayson is the bassist of Dymbur, the band that I am currently playing with. Since I’ve known these guys for a very long time, I felt that it would be easier to work with them. Gerald was the right guy to work with because he is into photography and videography as well. So I shared my point of views and ideas with them and they supported and agreed with what I wanted to do, since they had the same idea as well. So we changed the name of facebook page to Shillong Rock N Metal Scene, created a youtube account of the same and launched our first episode on the 4th of December 2015, which featured Shillong’s well-known death metal band – Plague Throat. We are also done with the 2nd episode and it will be released this January. We hope to interview as many bands as possible and continue doing what we love to, to show our support and respect to the rock and metal bands of our city. [/su_quote]


[su_quote]I had the same idea long time back but I never found the right people to work with until I met these guys. Cornelius threw the idea on us and I thought that these guys are the ones that I am going to do this with. The main thing is exposure, most metal and rock bands/artists in lack exposure in Meghalaya. geraldSo as an art lover, a musician myself, as an enthusiast, and since I am also into photography and videography I take this opportunity by contributing something to doing what I love to do the most. This is just the beginning and with the support that we are getting from our friends and the music lovers of Shillong, I am looking forward to something big in the future. [/su_quote]


[su_quote]When Cornelius shared this idea with me, I felt that it was one hell of an idea to bring the local metal and rock bands closer to the people through video interviews. Well, the reason why we are doing this is because we want to promote the local metal and rock bands of Shillong.mayson And as we all know that there is less promotion for the bands here and they hardly get recognized for their hard work, so we felt that this is the best thing we could do and we took this initiative so that the people will know more about our metal and rock bands and musicians. And by putting it up on youtube, it would be a huge boost for the bands because people from all over Shillong and India itself will get to know more about the metal and rock bands of Shillong.[/su_quote]


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