Fake Encounter

Directed by Jimmy Thokchom
Edited by Ashish Hamom
Session Player: Jimbo Ningombam (Keyboard)

This song is dedicated to the families and friends of all the individuals who were killed in the alleged extra judicial executions in Manipur.

shoot him dead, I heard them say
for he had ten thousand rupees on him
on his way home after a hard day’s labour
carrying the burden of poverty on his shoulders

his youngest son was crying
his wife was ill when he left home
his fingers made to wrap around the gun
now the bullets were strewn next to his body

the media came, shot photos of him
he was proclaimed an insurgent
his body now lies in the morgue
who will avenge the loss of his life

his son waits for him at the thong with a lantern in hand
his wife waits for him at the thong with a podon in hand

who will bring justice
when murderers themselves are in power

the bereaved and hungry children
will stream out into your streets
will come to eat your bullets
will come to avenge your atrocity

for how many murders do you give salute under the flag?
for how many lives hang that medal on your chest?
on whose orders have you murdered so foul?
Are you satiated yet, how do you sleep at night?

The widows they are still mourning facing the abuse of the powerful
yet still fighting for justice for the 1528 who were killed


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