So, from the lazy and anti-national bunch of Raioteers, another belated new year gift of Shillong’s ethnically mixed up celebrities. Samrat Ray and his nostalgic graphic world of ML05‘s local memories are hereonce again. You can click on the images to view the gallery and scroll down to download high resolution pdf of the calendar to print. Also, remember that we make this gift for personal purposes – any profiteering idiot wanting to sell the hardcopy will be appropriately dealt with. 

Download the pdf for printing

And if you live your life in a slow mode, here are the older calendars by Samrat Ray for you to print

[Download & Print] 2018 Calendar celebrating localities of Shillong

[Download & Print] 2017 Calendar for the real Shillong taste

[Download & Print] 2016 Calendar celebrating Shillong school days




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Samrat Ray Written by:

Samrat Ray, non resident Shillongite is a designer. His personal work can be seen at http://www.pikore.com/tag/PedanticGentleman

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