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Write | Make images | Share your music | Give us ideas | Bug us is open for submissions that challenge the consensus.
Obviously every submission doesn’t get published, we are not vanity publishers. Reputation doesn’t count – quality of submission does. Raiot doesn’t have a party line but commercial plug is actively frowned upon (like we don’t like cleanest drain in Asia is in Meghalaya kind of stuff)
These days we are interested in:

a) Old Meghalaya stories, gossip, photos
b) Tales of working people
c) Acche din chatter
d) Corruption uncovered
e) Abuse of power
f) People’s resistance in Meghalaya
g) Autobiographical rambles

We can go on and on but then just send us your stuff and ideas and let us talk about it and yes share this call with others.
You can email your stuff to [email protected]




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