I am a Meetei first

I am a Meetei first but Thangjam Manorama deserves what she got.

I am a Meetei first but those 12 Emas at Kangla were shameless.

I am a Meetei first but Pebam Chittaranjan was a stupid person.

I am a Meetei first but Kashmiri stone pelters should be shot.

I am a Meetei first but Modi is my idol.

I am a Meetei first but Bollywood movies are the best movies in the world.

I am a Meetei first but this artist Tapta is very seditious.

I am a Meetei first but Meetei Mayek is so Chinese.

I am a Meetei first but our small eyes make us ugly.



Meeteis are the majority ethnic group of Manipur who speak Meeteilon language.

Thangjam Manorama was killed by the 17th Assam Rifles on 11th July 2004. Investigation revealed that she was tortured and raped before being shot several times.

12 Emas – Triggered by the brutal rape and murder of Thangjam Manorama by the Assam Rifles under mere suspicion of being a member of a rebel group, 12 mothers stripped themselves naked in front of the Kangla Fort (The Royal Palace) on 15th July 2004 using their own bodies as a weapon in protest against India’s military occupation, systematic torture and killing of the people of Manipur.

Pebam Chittaranjan self-immolated on India’s Independence Day 15th August 2004 against India’s oppressive military rule in Manipur and AFSPA, in the aftermath of the killing of Thangjam Manorama.

Tapta is one of a kind singer whose songs address socio-political issues and Indian oppressive regime in Manipur.

Meetei Mayek literally translates into Meetei script. With the advent of Vaishnavism in Manipur, using Meetei Mayek was banned in the early 18th century marked by the burning of the Puyas (written documents in Meetei Mayek on diverse fields of knowledge). Until recently Bengali script was used in all official matters to write Meeteilon. Presently, Meetei Mayek has been re-introduced in school level replacing Bengali script after phases of struggle.




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Veewon Thokchom Written by:

Veewon is from Manipur and is doing his Masters in Delhi

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