Metal Mayhem – A documentary from Shillong

Metal Mayhem is all about the chaos that goes in a person mind about the metal music .This film portrays an individual positive and negative perception towards the genre of metal music in Shillong.This film also emphasize the incident that happened in Shillong during 2014 when American death metal band “Dying fetus” toured shillong for the first time they were questioned and criticized in the local news paper they were termed as satanic and someone told that the whole metal music is misguiding the youth .

About the Filmmakers

Aabhijitbhijit Dutta Purkayastha – Born and brought up in Shillong. A Graduate in Mass Communication and Video Production form St. Anthony’s College, Shillong. He has made couple of music videos and few short films. Currently  pursuing Post graduation in advertising and marketing communication.



BenjaminBenjamin Basumatari – From shillong and currently residing in Bengaluru pursuing my post-graduation in cinematography. Also a drummer.

Ban l nongbriBaniaidshaphrang L Nongbri – Graduate of mass communication & video production from St Anthony’s College, Shillong currently  working with Anthill Production as a photographer and videographer.





A film by

Abhijit Dutta Purkayastha

Benjamin Basumatari

Baniaidshaphrang L Nongbri








Julian Andrew – Project Blend LTD

Sahil “The Demonstealer” Makhija – Demonic Resurrection

Bariborkupar Khongwir – Dead Calm Choas

Still Status



Nangsan Lyngwa – Plague Throat


Meban Nengnong


Deviate – Aberrant

Dream of a dream – Senti Longkumer

Special Thanks

Prof. Nathaniel Majaw

Prof. Cherry Kharshiing

Gregory F Nongrum

Rajen Das (RJz Cyber Zone)

Kenny L khongsdier

  1. Bjoy kumar Sharma

Deepanita Kar

Anurag Deb





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