ML 05 B 6055 – a doc on a bazaar bus

ML 05 B 6055 documents the journey of a bazaar bus between the village of Mawjatap in the East Khasi Hills and Shillong. The film is an assemblage of images and extracts from conversations around the bus with various people. It depicts the intricate linkage that exists between the bus and rural life and livelihoods in Meghalaya and tries to highlight the dependence that people have on the bus in all aspects of their lives. ‘ML 05 B 6055’ is, in a sense, a biographical portrait of a bus – how a wooden bus is made, its functionality, systems that exist around it and the associations and attachment that people have for their bus.

Direction – Ruchika Negi/Amit Mahanti/Subhashim Goswami
Camera & Editing – Amit Mahanti

support – North East Network (NEN)/ Khoj Studios, New Delhi


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  1. Avner Pariat
    November 1, 2015

    Saw this so many years ago. Was something that stuck in the mind.

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