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As India celebrates the National Press Day and the very freedom of press that has liberated us, we the Journalists, Newspapers and media houses in Nagaland faces a difficult challenge of delivering transparent and free communication and expression to our own people.(For more details you can check the October 25 issue of Newspapers in Nagaland where the Assam Rifles accused the media houses of publishing and being biased to a banned group). I would further want to paraphrase what our Editor emphasised on the National Press Day in a small gathering of Journalists in Dimapur. “The conditions of our times has put us in a world of contradictions and ironies. When the role of Free Press is considered essential in the world of globalisation, we find our space more limited and narrow. At this juncture, only the Free Press can provide an independent voice, democratic space and platform for dialogue. We can no longer just remain commentators of history. We must communicate, we must lead and we must walk with the people.”
Akum Longchari
Reclaiming the right for freedom of communication and expression #NagalandMediaGoesBlank #NationalPressDay

It is indeed heartening to see a media in Nagaland standing up for Freedom of Speech & Free Press. Even Shillong Media needs to resist various gagging attempts whether about the Bandh/Agitation news or use of criminal defamation by the powerful. It is useful to remember the talk by Mr. Sukumar Muralidharan organised by Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) & Shillong Press Club.


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