RAIOT REVEALS : How Govt. of Meghalaya outsources Law Making?

Last week on 26th October, we encountered an innocent looking ad in a local newspaper

Advertisement by Meghalaya Basin Development Authority
Advertisement by Meghalaya Basin Development Authority

Meghalaya Basin Development Authority, for those who are not into these things, is our chief minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma’s favourite producer of plans, programmes and development jargon. It is also a popular way to buy opinions by employing civil society stalwarts and retired useless bureaucrats. And what goes without saying, also one of the most non transparent bodies constituted by the government, their official website does not even carry a link for suo-moto disclosure under section 4 of Right to Information Act. So you can imagine what reckless governance happens under the basin.

But enough distractions. Getting back to the Ad for outsourcing gone mad. As suggested by mbda, we tried to find from their website more about this Comprehensive Eco system Services Act for Meghalaya. We found nothing. We were not even clear what Eco System meant – Economic System or Ecological System or Ecotoporia System. Whatever it may mean, it is shocking that government whose mandate is to make laws in a democratic manner with proper pre-legislative consultation chooses to buy the lawmakers. I will pay you my consultant,  draft me a law that will make me redundant.

Shouldn’t MBDA be put behind bars for breaching legislative privilege?
[gview file=”http://mbda.gov.in/PDFs/Notice-inviting-EOI26-10-2015.pdf”]



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