Shillong CROC – Crap #RockCapitalofIndia : Paul Merton investigates

One of the persistent myths peddled by Shillongites (or more precisely its opinionmakers) is the Rock Capital of India scam. Watch Paul Merton, take the piss out of all of Shillong pretension and reveal the tawdry reality of our city.
We can tell you how it would have happened, few phone calls – people excited about a white skinned TV guy doing a programme on Shillong.
-“Hey, it would really put Shillong on the world tourist map.”
-“Did you know that we have the best Harmonica player in South East Asia”
-“You should surely take this phareng to Mawlynnong!”
So on so forth. And then they saw this programme and they all went ballistic. You should check out the aggrieved comments people made on the video shares. No one really laughed, no one saw the reality of this incisive description.
It was all Rock On Shillong, Rock On 5.
So Raiot welcomes Paul Merton to CROC – #CrapRockCapitalofIndia called Shillong.


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  1. Avner Pariat
    November 6, 2015

    hi at 126 the ”make it sweet” guy is a cop lol who clamped my car o m g

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