Songs for Boring Teacher’s Day

Alice Cooper, “School’s Out”

Cooper’s greatest hit “School’s been blown to pieces.” Having school kids join the taunting bridge of “No more pencils/No more books” and then “We got no class and we got no principles/And we got no innocence/We can’t even think of a word that rhymes.”

Ramones, “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”

[su_quote]Well I don’t care about history
Cause that’s not where I wanna be
I just wanna have some kicks
I just wanna get some chicks.[/su_quote]
This song was made to order for a very silly must-see movie of the same name.

Pink Floyd, “Another Brick in the Wall”

Obvious but good.
[su_quote]We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teacher leave them kids alone.[/su_quote]

“The Wall” includes three versions of the song.

The Beatles, “Getting Better”

It’s all there in the opening verse, Paul McCartney recalling, “I used to get mad at my school / The teachers who taught me weren’t cool / You’re holding me down / Turning me round / Filling me up with your rules.”

Sam Cooke, “Wonderful World”

“Don’t know much about history / Don’t know much biology / Don’t know much about a science book / Don’t know much about the French I took / But I do know that I love you/ And I know that if you love me, too / What a wonderful world this would be.” And then there is Maths

The Boomtown Rats, “I Don’t Like Mondays”

OK, this is a dark one, written by Bob Geldof after reading a telex report on the shooting spree of 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer, who fired at children in a school playground at Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, killing two adults and injuring eight children and one police officer. “I don’t like Mondays” was her explanation. Sample lyric: “And all the playing’s stopped in the playground now / She wants to play with the toys a while / And school’s out early and soon we’ll be learning /And the lesson today is how to die.”

Vampire Weekend, “Campus”

And then the arty campus rockers can only whine.
[su_quote]Then I see you
You’re walking cross the campus
Cruel professor
Studying romances[/su_quote]

Morrissey, “Children In Pieces”

Catholic Angst in Catholic schools – Morrissey bard of broken childhood

[su_quote]Children in pieces In Irish industrial schools
Nuns called mothers
And their christian brothers
Kick the shit out of very frightened children
Judges and priests and police and cardinals
They look the other way
When the weekend comes they’ll make you suffer[/su_quote]

Tom Paxton, “What Did You Learn in School Today?”

Tom Paxton’s song made famous by Pete Seegar

[su_quote]I learned that Washington never told a lie.
I learned that soldiers seldom die.
I learned that everybody’s free.
And that’s what the teacher said to me.
That’s what I learned in school today.
That’s what I learned in school.[/su_quote]

Pearl Jam, “Education”

Studio version of Education, an outtake from Pearl Jam’s album, Binaural. Also appeared on Lost Dogs.
[su_quote]I’m questioning my education
Is my education who i am now?
While you’re deciding, i’ve been finding
Looking around in the here and now
If i’ve been taught from the beginning
Would my fears now by winning?[/su_quote]

The Smiths, “The Headmaster Ritual”

Only Morrissey can take on the school and teachers

Belligerent ghouls
run Manchester schools
spineless swines
cemented minds
Sir leads the troops
jealous of youth
same old suit since 1962
he does the military two-step
down the nape of my neck
I wanna go home
I don’t want to stay
give up education
as a bad mistake

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