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January 31, 2021 /

Ngi lyngngoh ruh ba ka Sorkar India haduh mynta kam kren shai halor ka Inner Line Permit (ILP) kaba ïadei bad ka Jylla. Wat ka Sorkar Jylla ruh imat kam shai, ki seng saiñ hima ruh ki bym thikna bad kiba khih jingmut kumba khih u khah kat shaba beh ka lyer. Ka jingdawa ia ka ILP la ka long kaba dang myntoi ne kam myntoi shuh ka long kawei pat ka mat ban ïatai, hynrei ka dei ruh ka ishu kaba la pynkhie ia ka jingïakynad bad jingïaumsnam bad haba khie ka jingïashoh-ïadat ka wanrah ia ka jingshongsyier, ka jingsheptieng bad jingduh bakhraw ha baroh ki liang.

February 24, 2020 /

The state of Meghalaya has experienced many disturbances in relation to the issue of immigration. At the same time, there are historical demographic trends in Meghalaya which makes the case a little complicated. The spectre of the threat of illegal immigrants displacing the indigenous tribal population has been played out since the formation of the Statehood. Fear of being overwhelmed by non-indigenous population (non-tribal) is widespread throughout the State and any perceived threat to tribal sovereignty is vehemently opposed

November 12, 2016 /

Garga Chatterjee looks at what is wrong with the proposed amendments to the Citizenship Bill. BJP’s proposals are communally discriminatory and the issue of illegal migrants fleeing neighbouring nations due to human rights violations can be addressed by religion-blind, case-specific human rights abuse clauses. Anxieties around demographic changes and economic pressures are real and how this is not simply due to migrations across international borders but also migration across state borders. Expanding state government control of residency rights, property ownership, entry and settling rules is the need of the hour.