You can’t Watch (C)Rock (C)On 2 actors and crew singing badly at a page 3 party in Shillong

Story So Far : We shared a widely shared mobile video showing Rock On 2 rockers singing horribly in a party in Shillong.…
Bollywood corporates could not take the legitimate criticism and claimed copyright over the bad singing and took down the mobile video, which raiot replaced on vimeo by a video which talked about the Bollywood shenanigans to stop any carefully constructed PR image from being busted.…
Corporates and their RockOn2 stooges got together to get Vimeo to take down even the replacement video. Vimeo NoticeSo this is the replacement video now on youtube

For the wannabe celebrity hungry class of Shillong, arrival of wannabe rock musicians and super wannabe film auteurs to shoot sequel of one bollywood banality called #RockOn has been the page3 moment. We know of some people who have mummified their hands, just because they managed to shake hands with some one called Bheem Rampal and Jan Nisar Akhtar. Even the local english media had been assiduously following all the bad instagram sunrises and selfies, bollywood had been throwing at them.

Although the C(ROCK)C(ON)2 has left Shillong with a lot of extra fat around their brains – they kindly left this comic video as viral/whatsapp gift for the people of Shillong.

We still haven’t stopped laughing at CrockCon2’s deadly serious attempt at looking and sounding like some middle aged wedding tribute band. Notice especially how this singer, with her de rigueur rock caftan, squeals at some horrible guitar playing by a man with rocker hair and beard and then she closes her eyes and sways – oooh.

What is also fascinating is the star-struck elite of Shillong swinging in their privilege. So why not do some celebrity spotting and enlighten us with the names of all the people who appear in this video.




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  1. Banshai
    December 1, 2015

    There’s a way on how to get around these IPR related cases. Let me know.

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