What’s the real intention behind “Rally for Rivers”?

Devi Singh, Devram Kanhera, Kamla Yadav, Medha Patkar of Narmada Bachao Andolan unmask Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev’s publicity stunt

October 19, 2017, Badwani : Not only Ganga or Narmada, but condition of all the rivers is serious today. The agenda of saving rivers is rising from many directions. Who are the people involved in these campaigns? What is their objective and who is promoting those? What is their programme for saving rivers and how will we measure the success of these initiatives. The condition of river Yamuna has become worst, not only due to the construction of dams but also because of the rampant construction on the flood plains, big infrastructure projects, temples and illegal organising of the big ‘cultural’ programs by gurus in the catchment area of the river. The construction of series of big dams on river Narmada has killed the natural flow and made its water unsuitable for drinking today.

Even after spending 1600 Crores of rupees during the Narmada Seva Yatra, neither a single illegal liquor shop in areas like Badwani, Dhar was closed nor did the illegal sand mining stop. Even today, the illegal sand mining continues not only in Narmada but also in it’s tributaries like Hathni, Goi, Uri-Baghni. Now they are demolishing villages on the banks of the rivers in the name of rehabilitation but they are also demolishing the river in the process. Every now and then they stop a tractor here and there to show their commitment but largely the police, mining and revenue departments corrupt behavior, legal and environmental violations continue unabated.

Which way is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Maharaj’s campaign moving?

Those who are now raising the issue of saving the rivers, will they not be successful in selling these rivers, is a question necessary to ask. Sadhguru or Yogguru. Jaggi Maharaj has gathered millions of rupees from many corporate and many media houses and also mobilized many environmental lovers, common citizens and young people together. Chief Ministers Shri Shivraj Singh ji and Prime Minister Modi also appear to be associated with them and not only with rivers but also with Sadhguru Maharaj, their reverence and attachment shows that. They have not only visited the Isha Foundation ashram but also inaugurated the 120 feet high Adiyogi statue, which has been opposed by many organizations, advocates and retired judges in Tamil Nadu. Legal proceedings are still continuing against Sadhguru.

In Jaggi Vasudev’s concept of saving the rivers, there is no special thing except tree plantation. They talk about the river catchment area, water bodies, sub-rivers, ecosystems, maps and descriptions, but no talk of the causes that brings destruction to rivers, why not talk about prevention ? On one side plantation and on the other hand illegal sand mining, is it acceptable to Sadhguru Maharaj ? Encroachment in the catchment area of rivers particularly by the big capitalists, (not just by the poor who have are always targeted), what is his stand on that? In his conception and recommendations, Sadhguru himself and his Isha Foundation say that “we will not say anything about hydroelectric schemes (hydroelectric projects), river water transport etc.” We will not take emotional or political role and will speak only on classical / scientific basis. Will it be a scientific practice to ignore the impact of these projects ?

The description of the destruction of the rivers done by him is correct, but no mention of how it happened! While the habitat of the river below the dam is dead or the people of the villages on the river banks areas are also becoming hungry, since they are suffering from drought & flooding too. Today, sea ingress till 30 Kms is happening in Narmada, in Gujarat, making it saline, but then why does Sadhguru remain silent on it ? Sadhguru says the overuse of water is a big reason behind it. At the expense of drinking water and irrigation the water from Sardar Sarovar, Indira Sagar reservoirs are being given to Coca Cola and other industries, is this the right use? Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev ji and his followers who talk about the heritage of the river valley, do not mention the destruction and submergence of the centuries old river valley like Narmada with its ancient temples, mosques, archaeological treasures, and even a few million trees standing today. Isn’t that a big contradiction ?

Sadhguru advocates plantation drive along one km on both sides of the river bank, but will he tell us what happens to those already farming or living on these river banks. People living on the banks of these rivers are river protectors, not the politicians and corporations who want to invest crores in the water transport, tourism, energy projects, river fronts with whom Sadhguru has joined hands ? “River is a natural resource” and need to be rejuvenated for continued development shows the commoditised nature of his approach, something makes us suspicious of the motives of this whole campaign.

They talk about the 73th amendment of the constitution i.e the right of the Gram Sabha and connects their work with many government schemes but only on papers. But the corruption, inherent contradictions and complete violation of the spirit behind self governance and reliance, there is no clarity on this thoughts on this.

Corporates like Adani or Ambani are behind Jaggi Vasudev ji whose own environmental thinking we all know given the violations they have done constantly. They appreciate projects like “Namami Devi Narmade”, or river-interlinking, waterways etc. because there is a huge investment opportunity for them and rally for rivers campaign creates opportunity for them. We wonder why Sadhguru remains silent on forest conservation and talks of industrial farming, knowing fully well the failed crop insurance scheme, he goes on talking about crop insurance, same way talking about water decentralisation but not about dams, why ? Why such silence on matters of importance, is it because he is hand in gloves with the powers that be.

We call Sadhguru Maharaj today to explain his take on the situation of Narmada River and Valley, the rule of governance on all the schemes and to express the way to save Narmada. That too immediately before the river gets destroyed.

Who is Jaggi Vasudev?

Sadguru who has taken up to saving the rivers by spending millions of crores of rupees himself is accused of violation of many environmental laws in Tamil Nadu. Encroachment on the Kundakoi tributary of the river Noyal, construction of ashram with nearly one thousand buildings on the reserved forest, encroachment on the elephants corridors, are some of the acts he is involved in. There are many petitions filed before the court against him, which are in progress. In this regard, the government officials of Combatore district have confirmed these violations in affidavits and even given stop order, which has been violated by Sadhguru.

We need to also know that Jaggi Vasudev’s father-in-law has charged him with murder of his wife. The case is still pending. “Why are they not arresting me then?” this is what he said in response to a question by a journalist. We only want to remind people who are bowing down to him and colluding with him today, must remember the fate of Asaram Bapu or Ram-Rahim. One must support, or donate only after complete awareness and inquiry. We would like to give this warning on behalf of the Narmada Bachao Andolan to all. The journalists and newspaper correspondents must thoroughly research so that rivers can be saved and not sold in the name of “Rally for Rivers”.



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  1. Truth Seeker112
    December 4, 2021

    What a bunch of BS! It’s not like I’m an ardent supporter of this rally. But even the few hours of online research can show that several parts of the allegations that the article quotes against this person is factually incorrect. While there are some interesting questions presented in the article for consideration, the article seems to present fewer facts than it shares bias so obviously with the choice of language and tone of the writing when it comes to accusing/confronting this ‘Maharaj’.

    It’s painful to see the polarization of such biased articles. What readers need today is a factual analysis of pros and cons presenting both sides of the picture so we can move forward sensibly towards a better future. Please do your full research and stop painting the world so black and white.

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