White Ink / Education Scam – Hall of Shame of Meghalaya Politicians

If you know only Dr. Ampareen Lyngdoh for the White Ink Scam, then you are ignorant. Although CBI report said:

4.35 … In course of his examination, said [su_highlight background=”#7bf62a”]Shri Sangma has stated that under the instruction of the then Minister of Education

namely Smt. Ampareen Lyngdoh, he had to change the score sheet[/su_highlight] as prepared by all the above noted 5 Boards duly [su_highlight background=”#7bf62a”]applying white fluid on the original marks[/su_highlight] as awarde

d by the Members of the said Board. Said Shri Sangma also handed over a file containing list, received by said Minister from different persons/MLAs/Ministers recommending the names of the candidate for selection as Teacher in L.P. Schools of Meghalaya. Said Shri Sangma has further disclosed that based on the aforesaid letters/slips of paper containing recommendation in respect of candidates for appointment as L.P. Teachers, [su_highlight background=”#7bf62a”]he with the help of two more persons (identity not known to him), who were supporters of Education Minister, applied white fluid on the Score sheet and inflated the numbers of the candidates ordered to be appointed by the Education Minister[/su_highlight]. The said work of tampering of score sheet was partially made at the residence of Minister and at his official residence.

But white fluid was applied to fulfill the recommendations of 19 other politicians – politicians who now span the whole spectrum of Meghalaya’s politics. Congress, BJP, Independent, Regionalist. Corruption cuts across party line in Meghalaya. So presenting (drum roll) Education Scam Hall of Shame

Sl. No. Name of Public Representative who recommended Nos. of Candidates
Political Party
(Then & Now)
1. Shri R.C. Laloo, Minister of Agriculture, forest & Environment, Govt of Meghalaya 37 Congress
2. Shri Sniawbhalang Dhar, Parliamentary Secretary, Govt of Meghalaya 30 Nationalist Peoples Party (NPP)
3. Shri P.L. Tariang, Ex-MLA, Co-Chairman, State Dev. Reforms Commission, Govt. of Meghalaya 29
4. Shri Ronnie V Lyngdoh, MLA, Government of Meghalaya 15 Congress
5. Shri Remington Pyngrope, Parliament Secretary, Govt. of Meghalaya 47 NPP
6. Shri Charles Pyngrope, Speaker, Government of Meghalaya 3 Congress
7. Shri Sanbor Shullai, MLA, Dy. Speaker, Government of Meghalaya 4 BJP
8. Shri Prestone Tynsong, MLA, Government of Meghalaya 20  NPP
9. Shri A.L.Hek, MLA Government of Meghalaya 7 BJP
10. Shri Limison D. Sangma, Minister of State, Government of Meghalaya 34


11. Shri Don Kupar Massar, Minister of Excise, Government of Meghalaya 2 NPP
12. Shri F.War, Advisor of Chief Minister, Government of Meghalaya 3
13. Shri M.Pariat, MDC, Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council Meghalaya 11




14. Shri J.A. Lyngdoh, Minister of Food & Civil Supply, Government of Meghalaya 6




15 Shri L.Malngiang, Dy Chief Executive Member, Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council, Meghalaya 4 Congress
16 Shri Augustin D.Marak, Ex- MLA 10
17 Shri Clement Marak, MLA, Government of Meghalaya 26




18 Shri Ismail R Marak, Ex- MLA,
Government of Meghalaya 9 Congress
19 Shri Sayeedullah Nongrum, Ex-MLA, Government of Meghalaya 12 Congress


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  1. Grikseng sangma
    November 6, 2017

    They all need to be punish

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